said the decline in the growth rate of active users fell significantly marked the fall said the beautiful performance slowdown of active users decreased significantly in layoff rumors beautiful performance slowdown in "downsizing" rumors of active users decreased Li Jing and beauty together was in 2016 with the merger cases, but "life after marriage" is not "happy", but once again fell into the "layoffs door". In September 28th, has denied recent layoffs rumors to the "China business newspaper" reporter, but in the industry view, if really beautiful layoff is not surprising, the winter capital under beauty problem heating but did not solve the fundamental problem — business model. At present, as a whole, and the United States said the merger did not achieve the so-called 1+1> 2 effect, while the prospects for the development of the new company is still not clear. One is the capital market as a whole winter, on the one hand is the enterprise users continue to narrow, while also facing pressure from the Jingdong, Ali and other electricity providers giant, once again in the "beautiful United Group layoffs door will decide on what path to follow? Beautiful said executives out was denied the recent news that beautiful by the beautiful united group said,, scouring the world merged under a new round of layoffs, layoffs were mainly in the Beijing area of employees, layoffs of about 200 people, mainly involved in research and development, operations and human resources departments. From the business lines, and layoffs to beautiful scouring the world, is relatively small. In September 27th, a place of work in Beijing said the beautiful employee surnamed Zhang told reporters: "here in Beijing is really laid off, but the situation is not clear." However, the same day a place in Hangzhou’s employee surnamed Wang told reporters: "here in Hangzhou have not heard about layoffs." September 28th, public relations director Ding family in an interview with reporters, said: did not lay off, false reports on the network we have taken legal means." In fact, this is not the first time that the United Nations Joint Group layoffs news. In January 11, 2016, the merger rumors continued for nearly a year of beautiful and eventually come together, become the first major merger in 2016. But after the merger, said the beautiful, the United States before the establishment of the joint beauty group said the news of layoffs, when the news that the number of layoffs reached more than and 600 people. Ding Jiale was admitted in an interview with reporters after the merger of the company, because the business adjustment is indeed in the personnel adjustment, but did not disclose the specific number of layoffs. Famous strategic management expert Jiang Ruxiang told reporters that the status of the merger and acquisition system is not equal, the dominant company in the dominant position, the disadvantage of the company will be out. The advantage of the company staff will occupy the active position in the new company management posts, the disadvantage of the employees of the company may have to leave, it is not only the need for power, is the need of organizational structure." It is understood that, in the new company, the original beauty said CEO Xu Yirong served as the leader of the team after a period of time has been completely fade out, on相关的主题文章:

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