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Mom added more than and 20 blind group a week to give her daughter introduced more than and 20 objects Zhang Lizhen painted "I was mad, every day they are forced to ask me and this or that man did not talk, seen, hear no, if I do not marry out, just as guilty as. Now I have the heart to die." The day before yesterday morning, who lives in Yinzhou, readers of the newspaper and get in touch, did not have time to wait for reporters to speak, she said in a series of. Xiao Yan said that to drive her crazy "arch-criminal" is not for others, it is her own parents. The reason is that she is 28 years old has failed to find the object of marriage, immediately went to the end of the year, parents angry. Mom with more than and 20 blind group, anxious to get married women Xiaoyan is a city institution for postgraduate studies, after graduation is the parents in the eyes of "older youth". Because of her usual interpersonal contact surface is small, since the year before, parents began to get together to find the object to her. Two years, under the arrangement of her parents, she had more than and 10 times pro, but did not succeed, or people do not look at her, or she can not see others. Seeing her daughter’s age day by day, and many people her age are already married, father and mother more sit. Xiao Yan said that, from the beginning of last year, parents every Saturday Sunday on time to bridge Crescent "Mom and dad will be blind" report, see if you can find a suitable object for her. But Xiaoyan always feel that this blind date she can not accept, they refused to recommend the object of parents. "Sometimes, my mother go out, could you bring me back the more than and 10 boys, one by one I meet requirements. I don’t agree, mom is very angry, make mother daughter relationship is very nervous." Xiao Yan said. From the beginning of the year, with the use of the intelligent mobile phone mom learned to play WeChat, through a friend, one plus more than and 20 blind WeChat group, the media do, a matchmaker is also in group, and the blind date scene. Xiao Yan’s mother treasured every day looking for future son-in-law in WeChat, and other similar "trouble" parents exchange experiences. I do not dare to look at the phone every day, open WeChat, my mother is recommended to me blind date object. Say this for me, and then say that is very good, I can’t wait to get married. She also let people add me as a friend, last week, a total of more than and 20 men to add me as a friend. I feel shame, be not by. Some people ask my mother to ask what is going on, do not look down on others. My mother came back and I was angry, I think I can not get married, so she lost face, if not my father pulled, I have to move out to live. Is it my fault to get married?" Xiao Yan said more and more gas. Xiaoyan also told reporters that she has plans for their future, know what they are looking for. She has a height of one meter 75, want to find a higher than her head, there is a degree and she almost, have common interests. But her mother is now the meaning of "hungry", "picked up the basket are food, this is her in any case can not accept the. Although my mom kept to her, but she definitely did not want his hastily married rain相关的主题文章:

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