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How To Take Charge Of Your Financial Future – In 20 Hours Or Less Money Management and Financial Management – Finally – with Easy Software Tools to Use For Wealth Management Hi, I’m Sandra Simmons, President & Founder of Money Management Solutions, and creator of the Money Management Solutions software…and its .panion…the Money Management Solutions Financial Planning Course. You may have heard by now how the money management software system will improve your financial condition and make it possible to finally reach your financial goals…both as a business owner, and for your family. And this is absolutely true! Now, when I created the software, I designed it so it could be used in any type of business. I kept it very simple so it could be used by anyone to achieve the end result of the software – which is reaching their financial goals. But like anyone who uses a tool for quite awhile, I learned more ways to use this software system more effectively to handle specific financial situations that came up in my clients’ businesses. Situations that were not necessarily evident when using the software by itself. So when I wrote course, I included my special finance tactics that I teach my private clients…and you can learn it all in 20 hours or less. That really shortens the runway to using the software even more effectively and profitably for your business. That’s why I developed the Money Management Solutions course. When this course is put into practice with the software, it enhances the benefits of using the software remarkably! You can travel to our home base in Florida and take the course, or we’ll deliver on-site at your office. So you might be asking…what is so great about this training course? Well, here is an analogy. Let’s say a farmer needs to plow a field. He has a choice of using a mule to pull the plow or he can use a tractor to do it. Both ways will get the job done. But, one is easier and faster. Using the tractor with the plow, just like the course and the software together…will save you time and money in the long run! And the rewards of using the software, by using the tactics learned in the course, .e so much quicker! Here are just some of the things you’ll get from taking advantage of the course. Answers to real life business cash flow situations like: What is the 1 best way to use the software to pay revolving credit card bills, so you continue to knock down the balance owed…even when you are still adding charges to the cards? Discover the best way to use the software to pay the larger bills that roll in each month, so you aren’t scrambling to .e up with the cash to cover them – like payroll or the mortgage. Find out how to put yourself in the best position financially to easily pay big bills that .e due only once or twice a year that you tend to forget about, and when they do arrive, they send you scrambling for the cash to cover them – like property taxes, insurance premiums, and continuing education expenses. What are the 2 best actions you can take when using the software to insure that you always have enough money to replenish inventory, and the supplies and services you need to produce more in.e? How do you use the software to prepare for a financial emergency that may .e up – like equipment break downs, or a roof leak? What 3 critical steps do you set up in the software to financially position yourself to pay cash for the future expansion of your business…instead of using credit or debt? And, what 3 specific actions do you take with the software to make sure you are setting the correct in.e planning target – so you’re actually doing better than break even and you’re building long-term wealth? These are just some of the vital parts of the software program and course .bo that will help you. do the work of figuring out how to use the software to get all this ac.plished – even though the software is automated and quite easy to use after you learn it. So this is where the training course shines – in 20 hours or less it gives you the know-how to take charge of your financial future and handle your specific business financial needs. Reach your all your financial goals, and get there faster! Call us today at 727-448-1011 to get the details, and register to take the Money Management Solutions Course. You’ll be glad you did! And to get more information about us, visit the links in resource box at the bottom of this article or call us at 1 + 727-448-1011. 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