My war director the movie has nothing to do with

"My war" director: the movie has nothing to do with me Peng Shun micro-blog screenshot Phoenix Entertainment News recently, the movie "my war" before the release of a film exposure controversy. The film was released in September 7th, "our war", was criticized by netizens. September 12th, Peng Shun, director of the film in response to micro-blog, said the film is not directed by their own ideas, promotional films and movies are not linked. The film by Liu Jiang, Wang Tiecheng and other 24 old artists. In the film, the old artists to form a sunset red tour to travel to Seoul, South Korea tour guide in the car warm greetings, and welcome to Seoul for the first time. Who heard the old man was very excited to say that he was not the first time to Seoul, the tour guide will be a little wonder. The old man then has said: "we were backstage!" "We were even steel!" "We didn’t need a passport when we came here!" "When we came to Seoul!" "We were carrying a red flag into Seoul!". An old piece of film caused a lot of controversy this propaganda plot basically from the internet. However, the original piece, the volunteer veterans because they were difficult to be South Korea’s customs counter, but in the film, the image of the South Korean tour guides youth gentle, old people’s attitude seemed unreasonable, swagger before others. Some netizens criticized, regardless of which Warring States, the war is full of pain and disaster, not to show off. September 12th, "my war" director Peng Shun responded to criticism, saying, "my war," the film has recently caused a lot of trouble, I would like to emphasize three points: 1 this film is not my guide and ideas. 2 the content of the film and the film does not have any contact. The film is the expression of the cruelty of war and the separation of human emotions. 3 I’m just a director, my job is to follow the script ideas shoot a movie, but because of this incident, some netizens malicious curse, including curse my family to death, I made what heinous crime, should bear the consequences of this? 4 you can call me shoot movies, I have to accept the criticism of the film, but the movie again please call me, so as to call on the idea". With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章:

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