Na Ying shook hands with fans the ring was abducted, but more embarrassing is Huang Shengyi (video)-freyja

Na Ying shook hands with fans the ring was abducted, but more embarrassing is Huang Shengyi yesterday, Na Ying in concert was a very dramatic color. Is in concert with the audience during the Na Ying handshake, the… Ring was taken… The first is a blogger on micro-blog broke out, he said, the ring was abducted Na Ying anxious, not go to sing, took the microphone always said my ring! Give me my ring! Behind the songs are also a variety of forgotten words…… site chaos, quality comparison of slag. General can see Na Ying bent down with the audience hands… Just… This thing on micro-blog came after, immediately the audience in micro-blog under clarification, said the matter is not so, the ring has returned. So to say, this is actually a Oolong event. But Na Ying was really emotional and nervous. Because the ring is sponsored, so it can not be lost. But the world is still a lot of good people, the little girl will soon ring back to Na Ying. Na Ying the concert is too funny, is mainly sponsored by the ring can not be lost or that sister ah ~ ~ seems calm enough to pinch, but fans still have friends from soil to literacy ~ ~ girl international goddess Na Ying with 140 thousand Givenchy play good voice but the concert is really a lot of Oolong events, such as Jacky Cheung there is a concert event called the Wulong dumbfounding. Jacky Cheung concert in Nanning, tickets are really as fake out. This is the chief…… sister said fake technology becomes more and more fierce, and the mean security technology is more and more bad ah? From the formal channels to buy the ticket lost to you? I’m the audience I’m not satisfied. It is because in the concert of Jacky Cheung fans too much, had to use electronic ticket, but it is too late to see the security staff, then human votes, a batch of direct approach. Some people sit in the seat to fake tickets, tickets to the true people naturally rejected. Shinhwa group member Junjin concert in China, also encountered a very embarrassing situation. The concert for half of the power, where Junjin encountered such a situation, spot Meng ah. And the blackout lasted about 1 hours. Jeremy Ji once participated in the concert of his friend, Willber Pan, also appeared as a guest of adventure and oolong scene. Jeremy Ji was busy and the audience enthusiasm interaction, didn’t notice there is a lift on the stage, two meters from the station abruptly fell down. Fortunately, nothing serious, so that the audience felt very Oolong event. They only heard bang bang, Jeremy Ji suddenly disappeared from the stage, but after a few seconds, Jeremy Ji suddenly appeared from the lifting platform. Make the audience confused. Later learned the truth, but fortunately Jeremy Ji was not injured. In fact, this is very dangerous. Ouyang Feifei is the honey embarrassment in a concert arena in Taipei, then it should start the concert at half past seven to eight ten, abruptly dragged. So Taiwan buddies will not go, even for Ouyang Feifei to support gas sticks than the poor,.相关的主题文章:

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