Nanchang round of housing purchase to individuals as a unit of the implementation of regional-shuyue

Nanchang round of the purchase of housing to individuals as a unit of   the implementation of regional restrictions – Jiangxi Channel – People’s daily 8, Nanchang restart the purchase of the property market limit credit policy. So, what is the difference between the purchase of the last restriction? And why so set? On the issue of concern to the general public, the reporter interviewed the relevant departments of Nanchang. The credit limit restriction are the "individual" as the unit 9, Nanchang City Housing Authority Management Office Director Huang Xiangbin told reporters, compared to the 2011 Nanchang purchase order, the 2016 annual purchase of two changes: one is before the purchase order purchase is "in addition to the four outside the county of Nanchang city full" this time, the purchase of the purchase order is "the implementation of regional property purchase restrictions, in East Lake District, Xihu District, Qingyunpu District, Castle Lake, Nanchang economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanchang high tech Development Zone, Honggutan regional purchase; two is before the purchase is a" home court "as a unit, the purchase by the" person "as a unit. To the "individual" as the unit of the purchase, the popular explanation is — if the production permit Department of the husband and the names of two people, any one person to buy second sets of houses are considered; if the husband and wife in the name of a person, another name no room for the first time buyers are considered the first set. This is mainly to take into account the civil affairs departments will no longer be issued proof of marital status of citizens, so the current round of the purchase of restricted loans to individuals as a unit. Support for the development of the New District of Kowloon Lake area is not limited to the purchase of the introduction of the scope of the purchase, many people raised, why this year, the amount of the price of the lake area is not included in the scope of the purchase. In this regard, Huang Xiangbin explained that the old city has started the transformation of the old city, the government hopes to lead the old city district, both conducive to shantytowns, but also conducive to support the development of new districts. Just for the house of public concern, after the purchase of policies, whether the contract is valid, Huang Xiangbin explained that, according to the municipal government issued the "opinions", the new commodity housing to network signed a contract time, the stock of housing to tax time. Real estate development companies and real estate brokers may not be eligible for the purchase of housing for sale, in violation of the above provisions, real estate transactions and real estate registration departments will not handle the relevant formalities. Increase the supply of land market irregularities crackdown reporters from the Nanchang Municipal Housing Bureau, this year, as of the end of September, the city’s urban commercial housing sales area of 6 million 518 thousand and 600 square meters, the same period in the supply of commercial housing a total area of 6 million 226 thousand and 100 square meters, the overall sales of slightly more than supply. According to the relevant provisions of the purchase of the policy in the next year, the residential land supply plan for the year and housing development construction shall not be less than two years ago, the average amount of the actual supply. For the purchase of the policy, Nanchang City, the relevant departments will strengthen the real estate market behavior supervision, increase efforts to investigate illegal activities, focused on investigating illegal sales, store room hoard, cover Xishou behavior, crack down on malicious speculation, spreading false information, disrupt the market order behavior. (commissioning editor Wu Ruo and Mao Siyuan)相关的主题文章:

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