Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is the fastest month closed bottom overhaul 7 River bus line

Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is the fastest month closed bottom overhaul 7 River bus lines to adjust for the closure of the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge renovation, according to the relevant traffic organization plan, since October 13th, the Yangtze bus 4, the new adjustment of the 1 and 2 line outage. This is also following the September 28th second round of transit bus adjustment plan opened, the Nanjing Municipal Department of public transportation announced a number of bus lines have been adjusted. This round of adjustment involving a total of 7 bus lines, 503 Road, 531 Road, 569 Road, 583 Road, 669 road adjustment; new cars; outage 575 road 550 road. So far, the 29 bus lines across the river has been adjusted for the completion of the 14. Modern Express reporter learned that the 15 lines or the remaining will be divided two times this month after adjustment. The adjustment of 4 road 503 designation adjustment: from "503 road" temporary adjustment to 503 range to adjust: State Plaza East Road running from the West terminus of liuzhou. The middle line from the "north bridge passenger station", two by Jiangshan road and Nanpu road to Liuzhou Road site operation adjustment: 1. · added: Jiangshan Road Bridge Road, South Road, Nanpu; Nanpu Lu · woolen mill road, Liuzhou Road, the home station west 2. Cancel: Siping Road Plaza South, South Bridge terminus (Dan Bian), Yancang bridge (Dan Bian), from the two Affiliated Hospital of Eastern Hospital (Dan Bian), Zhongshan North Road ·, Zhongshan North Road · SaJiaWan; Sanpailou, three step two bridge (Dan Bian), Gu Ping Gang Shui Zuo Gang, service time adjustment: the State Party Square East 4:20-20:20; Liuzhou Road West Station Road designation 5:30-21:40 531 adjustments: the "531 way" is a temporary adjustment to 531 range to adjust: South line to adjust the shrinkage site run north bridge passenger station: 1. Additional: University Road · hi tech ten Road (with the 606 Road), 2. Cancel: Plaza Siping Road South, Yancang bridge, shuangmen Hotel, Dingshan Hotel, Zhenjiang Road, Gu Ping gang Business Hours adjustment: Yu Min home 5:20-22:30; 5:50-23:00 569 road bridge north passenger station to adjust: Champs Meisong to bridge road running from the station. Because the road and Pu town street road construction, the line to the south direction, from Pu Chu Road, to the town street to the Yangtze River tunnel operation to Pu Park Road, Pu Road, new road, Pu Chu Road, Pu Road, pearl, Pearl Road, Pu Road, the Yangtze River tunnel, Jiangdong Road, Rehe South Road, Chahar Road, Jiang Jiawei, Zhongshan North Road to the south bridge site adjustment: 1. Add: Champs Meisong, Xiang Yi Mei song Pu Park Road, Pudong Road, · Hospital of Pukou City, new road · Pu Road, Pu village, a new home, Puxin road · PU Chu Road, PU, factory district, Mingfa City Plaza (to the south bridge direction), Mingfa city guangzhou.相关的主题文章:

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