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The National Day golden week Guangzhou commercial enterprises more than 3 billion yuan – suction gold Beijing Beijing, Guangzhou in October 7, (Xu Qingqing) during the national day, Guangzhou market consumption boom, according to the 136 business data of the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce announced 7 key monitoring in Guangzhou City, eleven National Day Golden Week (October 1st -7) sales over 3 billion yuan, an increase of 10%. During the national day, 116 meat market, Guangzhou focus on monitoring the wholesale markets, supermarkets, discount stores, small fresh Inn, chain stores, community stores and other businesses is expected to sell 1 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of about 5%. All kinds of key commodity trading volume increased steadily. Grandbuy, Guangzhou friendship, Tianhe City Department stores, modern department stores, 7 stores attract nearly 600 million yuan, compared with the same period last year sales rose steadily; Suning and Gome Electrical appliances enterprise sales year-on-year growth of about 12%; the dream bazaar, Jing Dong and other business enterprise growth of about 20%. It is worth mentioning that, Guangzhou science and technology consumption favored by the public. "According to our own advantages, technology trend of intelligent commodity held VR game, UAV flight competition, intelligent robot interaction, 3D printing and other representatives of the most popular activities", Guangzhou Buynow store official said, during the national day of the mall with businesses will be business time is extended to the end of 21:30 from the original 19:00 end through science and technology and the introduction of intelligent night market Shopping Festival exclusive activities throughout the month, by the blitz. In addition, the continued prosperity of the Guangzhou food and beverage market, the consumption continued to rise on the tongue. During the national day, Guangzhou major restaurants, to carry out special delicacy delicacy theme exhibition, south of the Five Ridges attracted a large number of customers taste, family banquets, weddings, new friends bursting with popularity, sustained growth of various well-known fast-food outlets. It is understood that during the national day, McDonald’s, KFC, Kung Fu and other fast-food enterprises turnover of over 144 million yuan, a two digit growth; Guangzhou restaurant, restaurant etc. 10 Guangzhou restaurant brand turnover of over 65 million 400 thousand yuan, an increase of over 9%. (end)相关的主题文章:

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