NATO Secretary General EU cooperation will strengthen the fight against illegal immigrants jiqingwuyuetian

NATO Secretary General: the EU to strengthen cooperation in combating illegal immigration: the original title of NATO and the EU will strengthen cooperation in combating illegal immigration 27 October, Xinhua news agency, Brussels (reporter Zhou Jun) NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg on the 27 day NATO defense ministers meeting held after the press conference that NATO and the EU decided to advance in the fight against illegal immigration. Cooperation. Stoltenberg stressed that NATO and the EU closer cooperation than ever before, the two sides are taking practical steps to push cooperation to a new level. He pointed out that NATO will continue to implement since February this year, the military action plan to combat illegal immigration in Aegean Sea. According to the plan, NATO warships to the coast guard in Greece and Turkey, as well as the EU border management department to provide information to help more effectively deal with the trafficking network. He said: "because of our joint efforts, the number of illegal immigrants has been significantly reduced." At the same day meeting, NATO member states also decided to support the defense minister of the sea in the framework of NATO maritime security action framework to support the European Union to combat human trafficking in the Mediterranean military action. Stoltenberg said, the next two weeks, NATO will in the central Mediterranean deployment of ships and aircraft, providing intelligence and logistical support for the EU seized smuggling vessels on the high seas action. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章:

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