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Net exposure of a boy with her classmates at night killing suspects have Xingju midnight, Liwei Huludao city Suizhong County high school in a dormitory, a murder occurred: a first-year high school boys in the dark with a knife with dormitory with male students killed, then they call 110 surrendered. As soon as the news came out, everyone was shocked. The suspect Xiao Yan (a pseudonym) male born in 1999 in Suizhong County Township High dianzi high student victim Xiao Li (alias) male born in 2001 made a classmate of campus net exposure occurred at midnight murder suspect has been detained yesterday, some friends broke the news, Suizhong County high school campus massacre occurred Liwei, related posts spread. Subsequently, the reporter confirmed from the authorities that the information is true. 1 October 13th 8, Suizhong County Public Security Bureau received Xiaoyan (a pseudonym) said in a report, Suizhong county level high school a dormitory, he will be the same dormitory students Xiao Li (a pseudonym) killed with a fruit knife, surrender. Suizhong County Public Security Bureau police, patrol police and local police station area and other kinds of police officers immediately rushed to the scene, the suspect in the school and take control of the teacher in the office is handed over to the police department. After investigation, the suspect said small, male, born in 1999, after Gao Dian Zi Suizhong County, a high school student level; the small profit, male, born in 2001, is a classmate of small words. According to the suspect made confession, he suspected a small profit in a corner to expose his weaknesses, just a grudge. At night, he took advantage of the small Li sleeping, with a fruit knife to kill. At present, the small words the suspect has been under criminal detention, the case is still under further investigation. The reporter was "stalking" blocked the students interviewed yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the school just after school, many students have to go out of the campus, some parents pick up their children outside the school. The school is located on the side of national highway 102, the main body is a 5 story building. Reporters are trying to enter the school gate, was stopped by a man. Reporters to produce documents to explain the situation, the man said the principal came home from work to eat, and other school leaders are not. Reporters asked the man to contact the person in charge of the school interview, the other said they did not know the school leadership phone. Reporters asked about the location of the dormitory building, the man refers to the construction of the building next to the main building, said the student dormitory. Reporter to enter the interview, was rejected. Reporters asked a few students out of the campus, whether to know the incident, some students said heard, and some shook his head and said I do not know. During an interview with the students in the reporter, there is always a man to follow, want to interview the students pointing or sketch students leave as soon as possible, the students will see them away immediately. Why in the end: there is a verbal conflict? Insiders told reporters that the day after more than 1 rushed to the school, the small words have been taken to the office of the office of the teacher is being carried out verbal comfort. "The teacher’s purpose is to stabilize him, we asked him what happened, he said he killed those people. If that means a small profit usually use language to stimulate him, he had a grudge, the idea of murder." According to the insider, the small words in the police investigation, the tone was calm. "He said he lived in active, lower berth]相关的主题文章:

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