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The new Kindle version of the evaluation entry: your first book today, electronic reading becomes more and more readers’ choice, the choice of a portable electronic reader, reading comfort, will undoubtedly make our reading experience better. Amazon recently launched a new version of the Kindle entry, this is the first time to upgrade the starter edition, the new version of the Kindle price of 558 yuan, 59 yuan more expensive than the old version, but the configuration has been upgraded, today is to share my experience. The new Kindle appearance: first in appearance, I got the first feeling it is thin and light, the new Kindle uses straight shape, thickness is 9.1 mm, weight 161 grams. This is less than the old section of the overall Kindle thin, light weight 16%, we compare with the old section, found that the whole frame narrowed, the top border and the same thickness of the left and right borders, the overall thinner and lighter and more compact. The thickness of the new map it is still 6 inches front screen, the bottom is the USB interface, indicator light, power button. It is the general feeling of the rear shell, plastic feel more obvious, coupled with the overall weight is very light, the lack of texture. Kindle at the bottom of the details of the design has always been in the minimalist style, this is also the color of black and white two. Some friends believe that Kindle should be added in the color of other colors, it is more colorful, but I think the simple black and white color is enough, the feeling of reading people should have been simple, simple. Configuration: in the configuration, the new version of Kindle is used in electronic ink 6 inches touch screen, resolution is 167ppi, no entity PgUp, without a built-in reading lamp, built-in Wi-Fi. The screen map compared to several other 300ppi resolution, built-in Kindle reading lamp, it may appear some "poor", but after all, it is the entry, the price of 558 yuan more than the other several people, and can fully meet the reading needs of our foundation. The allocation of contrast images up posture: full name: pixels per PPI, English inch, i.e. pixels per inch, also called pixel density, which is described in the horizontal and vertical direction, every inch of distance image contains pixel (pixel) number. Therefore, the higher the PPI value, which means that the display can display the image with higher density. Of course, the higher the density, the higher the degree of truth. As an upgraded version of the new version of Kindle started running memory doubled to 512MB theory, the running speed of the machine faster, in the open book, page query, and other operations, the new version of Kindle fast response. At the same time, it also has a storage capacity of 4GB (user available memory of about 3GB), you can store thousands of e-books, ah, I feel for some friends have been dissatisfied with life ah! Endurance, with a random USB connection to insert the computer, about 4 hours to be full of electricity. And if you read for half an hour every day, in the case of a wireless connection closed, a single charge can also work around. And it is in standby or flip almost no electricity.相关的主题文章:

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