Ningxia Academy of Environmental Sciences of former president Nie Huijun was expelled from the subor-splitit

Ningxia Academy of Environmental Sciences of former president Nie Huijun was expelled from the subornation of Beijing intimidation leader Xinhua Yinchuan November 7th news (reporter Zhang Liang) 7 reporters from the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Commission for discipline inspection was informed that the branch secretary, Ningxia Institute of environmental science of former party former president Nie Huijun serious violation was expelled from the party, and its alleged crimes involving money and property were transferred to judicial authorities in accordance with the law. The investigation, Nie Huijun serious violation of political discipline, organization review and others concluded against the offensive and defensive alliance; a serious violation of the central eight provisions spirit, has organized and participated in tours, banquets, gifts gifts of public funds, illegal use of official vehicles, payment of holiday costs; a serious violation of discipline, do not report personal matters, decide on major issues in violation of the decision-making principles and procedures; serious breach of integrity and discipline, illegal business enterprises, non self compensation; with a number of women maintain or improper sexual relations, energy-saving; a serious violation of discipline of the masses, to social workers threatening to the hospital leaders and workers; a serious violation of work discipline, not properly discharge tube the main responsibility of the party, without bidding procedures for contracting engineering, the hospital staff, financial discipline Primary leadership responsibility management and other serious violations; serious violation of national laws and regulations, falsifying expenses for public funds for personal expenses and profit. Autonomous Discipline Inspection Commission informed that Nie Huijun as Party members and leading cadres, a serious violation of Party discipline, and in the eighteen party after the convergence is still not accept the hand, the circumstances are serious, adverse effects. According to the relevant provisions of the "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations", by the autonomous region SASAC Party committee meeting, decided to give it expelled from the party, Ningxia Academy of Environmental Sciences and labor relations. The proceeds confiscated their discipline, alleged crimes involving money and property transferred to judicial organs according to law.相关的主题文章:

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