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Ningxiang 17 years ago, robbery and murder case solved burglary criminals killed 5 year old girl in Ningxiang 17 years ago, the original title: burglary murder case cracked, the suspects were arrested! The case back in January 30, 1999 at 3 pm, Ningxiang County Zi Fu Xiang Coralville watchtower group Xiemou home robbery homicide occurred, Xiemou only 5 years old daughter was killed at home. Through the investigation quickly identified the suspect Lumou (male, born in March 1971, lived in Tang County group Si Xi Zhen Ma Gang Cun stream in Jiangxi province). This person has theft convictions, he was taking advantage of the Xie family home is no theft, Xiemou found murdered daughter, then fled in desperation. After the incident, Ningxiang County Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force to carry out the pursuit of work, it is possible to suspect place to hunt, and up to three months in the Lumou home county of Jiangxi Province on the continuous squat, but Yinlumou quite cunning, after committing the crime not to contact any of the relatives and friends, so there has been no progress in the hunt. Because of the nature of the case is very bad, crime is extremely cruel means, a huge impact in the local, Ningxiang County Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation police every body a sense of responsibility, never let any of the suspects Lumou information, Lumou a day not arrested, police Heart Stone day does not fall. In 2011 the Ministry of public security "Qing nets action" Lumou by the Ministry of Public Security Ministry of Christ as a fugitive, when he was Secretary Qi Shuguang personally led to Jiangxi in pursuit of work, has been working in Jiangxi for nearly half a month’s time, done a lot of detailed work, the suspect Lumou for years have not been back home, in the local account has been canceled. Police handling the case through the county, in Jiangxi Province, Nanchang City, Ji’an city and other places of investigation, found an important clue, has been in Pingyang County of Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou City, a printing workshop saw Lumou New Year paintings. Was in charge of the criminal investigation work of the deputy director Liu Zhiliang led the investigators to work non-stop to Wenzhou County of Pingyang. Pingyang county is a traditional industry, is printing, New Year paintings calendars, investigators investigation of the more than and 100 Jiangxi people working in India, New Year paintings workshops in the last calendar, Kunyang Town, a small workshop suspected suspects Lumou clues, but when investigators rushed to the workshop, but Lumou in advance step left, the investigators did not lose heart, in the county of Pingyang and carried out a large number of detailed surveillance work, that he would one day will come to Pingyang, an invisible net is a network pending. This year, the new county public security bureau Party committee should pay more attention to the case, county deputy magistrate, police chief Zhang Xiaobo repeatedly listen to the scheduling, case investigation progress, political commissar Chen Kuiyu, deputy director of bureau Party committee Ceng Ninghan in accordance with the arrangements, strengthen the task force of the power equipment, requirements in the entire police force, must be arrested murder fugitives, the spirit of the deceased to comfort the dead. Criminal investigation captain Zhang Haoping combined with the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment crime Police Brigade, again on the pursuit of matters, the pursuit group once again went to Jiangxi Province, Hebei Province, Zhejiang province and other places to carry out the work. Hard work pays off, in November 8, 2016, the good news came Pingyang Zhejiang County Public Security Bureau of Wenzhou City: the suspect Lumou qiancang was arrested in Pingyang county. Under questioning, the suspect Lumou sneak into Xiemou home burglary and other antique coins when being a daughter Xie相关的主题文章:

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