Not bad money, five high star filming it not for

Not bad money, no money for filming the five "Star source: circle happy sister   Hu Jing married businessman still did not give up their careers, because Hu Jing loves filming, although not what drama, but it is worth money for her, not acting for money. Hu Jing acting in a more well-known Hailu Qin, always love to tell others that he is not bad money, the key is the quality of the script, it is not money, not bad money. Hailu Qin has a huge wealth in Brunei for filming, Wu Chun, serious attitude, fully completed, the money and never mind, just to exercise their own. Since Wu Chun married real estate tycoons Wang Yan, although she lived a good life, only occasionally run into a good script will also go to a guest, as a hobby, but also not bad money. Wang Yan debut when Ma Yili, often play some small drama that can make money on the line. After their own experience, Ma Yili understand, so not only abandoned their time, but also a waste of their own hard work, in fact, there is no big deal with the money. Ma Yili more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章:

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