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Business Oilfield Chemicals Various chemicals and fluids are applied during the process of drilling oil and gas. As the usage of oil and gas is increasing, the demand of oilfield chemicals is also increasing. There are different types of oilfield chemicals like demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitor, pipeline corrosion inhibitor etc. Demulsifiers Demulsifiers, are specialty chemicals used to separate emulsions for example, it is used to separate water from oil. The demulsifiers are .monly used in the processing of crude oil. Before refining the quantity of water and salt should be removed from the crude oil to avoid corrosion problems. The demulsifiers decrease and cancel the electrostatic forces of repulsion reacting between the water droplets. They also change the wet ability of the solid micro-particles absorbed at the interface or form some inverse emulsion oil-in-water, thus destabilizing the water-in-oil emulsion. The demulsifiers are normally injected pure. It depends on the nature of the emulsion and its surface equipment on the decision of the injection point of demulsifiers. The demulsifiers are either injected downhole or in the manifold and in batches. As field conditions change over its lifetime it is essential to optimise demulsifier performance on a regular basis. There are two types of demulsifiers, oil soluble demulsifiers and water soluble demulsifiers. The selection of demulsifier depends on the kind of emulsions to be seperated. Corrosion Inhibitor The corrosion rate of a metal or an alloy can be decreased by a corrosion inhibitor which is a chemical .pound added to a liquid or gas. To prevent internal corrosion attack from carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and oxygen in oil & gas production systems and pipelines, corrosion inhibitors are used. Corrosion inhibitors are also used to search sulphide or remove dissolved oxygen in water based drilling mud systems. Corrosion inhibitors are widely used to inhibit growth of bacteria, yeast and fungi. The types of corrosion inhibitors available in the market are oil soluble corrosion inhibitors, water soluble corrosion inhibitors and water dispersible corrosion inhibitors. Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitor There are also corrosion inhibitors available which are used for pipeline activities. These corrosion inhibitors are known as pipeline corrosion inhibitors. The types of pipeline corrosion inhibitors available are dry gas corrosion inhibitor, gas with water corrosion inhibitor, gas with oil corrosion inhibitor, gas, oil and water corrosion inhibitor, oil with no gas no water corrosion inhibitor, oil with water with no gas corrosion inhibitor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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