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Old residential building now suspected of leaving the tank dead baby clinic after removal (Figure) – Sohu news site of the incident site of the incident in November 18th 9 in the morning, members of the public to the newspaper called the hotline, said the discovery of the dead baby in the Road Sunshine District Shuitun 16 residents of an abandoned clinic. It is understood that the baby was in a glass jar, is soaking liquid, it is unclear the specific purpose. Currently, the police have been involved in the investigation. 10 in the morning, the reporter came to the sunshine district residents downstairs, a clinic on the first floor has gathered a lot of residential areas, as well as a police car. Walked into the clinic, the picture is shocking! Near the door on the ground placed two transparent glass jars, which were soaked with a dead baby, into a curled up, the liquid is yellow. Only one box abandoned left on the ground, other equipment has been removed. The man in charge of the clinic suspected of the man in charge of the clinic, the man, too, may be used to make specimens, looked scary!" One resident said. Subsequently, the police went to the scene for investigation, will be equipped with a baby glass cans into the police car, and then took away from the scene. This reporter has learned that, due to demolition, the majority of residents have moved the district. Billboards displayed on the clinic door of the clinic named "clinic" flyover and the people, has now moved to Xin Yuan masters District, near the famous community convenience market. Then the new flyover and Limin clinic, but the door locked. Just when the reporter is ready to leave, a man suspected to be the person in charge of the clinic, said he knew how. "You’ve seen it. It’s a specimen!" Man said. But when a reporter asked why there will be a baby specimen, but the man did not answer left the scene. Reporters call the flyover District Health Authority, a staff member said after a detailed understanding of the situation will be reflected to the higher. As to whether the clinic has a formal qualification, why there will be a baby specimen, he said that all to be investigated and verified to give a response.相关的主题文章:

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