Once a year the customer service service skills competition, the upcoming car Sohu -. lara fabian

Once a year the customer service service skills competition, awaits the Sohu automobile customer service service – once a year skills competition, awaits. In November 12th, the Landwind cars will usher in the "2016 tenth customer service Landwind service skills competition in Nanchang". The contest this year has been tenth years, the heart does not change. In the past ten years, all customer service continuous pursuit and constant progress, more exquisite skills, higher standards, more comprehensive customer service service. The skills competition, with "a carpenter style heritage" as the theme, is a breeze marketing company ever held one of the largest service skills competition, but also land automobile service elite, showing a grand style of originality. The addition of the skills competition DCRC service skills competition project, but also increased the team game new game mode. The so-called "unity is strength, increase the team competition" is Landwind higher requirements for comprehensive services. Team competition, not only if the individual efforts, but also need to join hands between the entire sales team. With the breeze team growing, customer service, continuous pursuit of breeze of continuous progress, will also require more skill, higher standards, more comprehensive customer service service, promote the Landwind cars faster and more stable towards the future. The contest registration notice just issued, received from all over the country maintenance station staff to participate in various positions, enrollment hot, invite more people to participate in the competition in the breeze, a large "Carpenter" style, will be a breeze and for cluster hero conference. I wish this contest a complete success, but also look forward to the wonderful performance of the contestants, who will champion? Let us look forward to! Lufeng car, live out your extraordinary "Carpenter" style, a way of inheritance more content, please watch the link: view-pq1j3y相关的主题文章:

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