Onion ring on a replacement – Sohu (video) alienware m17x

"Onion ring" on a replacement? Change it just – Sohu said that the first paragraph of the car which is also divided into annual change, small change, big change. If you buy the car in 2016 is called 2014, it is inevitable that some embarrassment, so there will be some in order to change the money and change models, it belongs to the annual change, is the smallest change. Usually manufacturers will increase or decrease the number of models and configurations. For example, such as the 2017 Ling Ling, canceled a model, an increase of the GTS version, several other models increased some configuration, prices remain unchanged. And some of the more exaggerated, just change the decoration. For example, the late Chen BRZ, his 2015 models to 2014 models, only increased the carbon fiber interior decorative pattern, and the shark fin antenna of a roof, only this. In addition to adjust the configuration, but also on the appearance of the details of the adjustment, and occasionally optimize the engine parameters, but the body will not have a big change. Small change sometimes will appear in the end of the replacement. For example with BRZ, the new model has changed the dynamic (an increase of 5 horsepower), improved suspension, the exterior and interior details has been adjusted, increased the multifunction steering wheel and changed the new dashboard. Therefore, manufacturers sometimes facelift is not brush the sense of presence. Big change will generally appear in the middle of the vehicle life, also known as medium-term change. More details on the car will be redesigned. For example such as the change of Fawkes in 2015, is put on the face of Martin "(Aston Martin), the power also increased the 1.0T and 1.5T two engines, power performance improved a lot, the configuration also increased, at first glance might really think is a new generation of models. A car after several changes, but also relatively perfect (and may also cancel the configuration you need), and to the end of the model, the discount rate is usually very large, is a good time to buy. For example, before the onion Geti cross section 2017 of 5 lines, the Tiguan models. Of course, if you want to buy a good second years before a new generation, don’t suck ~ what is to design a new generation of exterior, interior, chassis, power system, but also may involve a comprehensive update of the platform, this is a truly new car, is essentially different from paragraph. Take a generation of Benz E level (W212), although the change of the medium-term has made great changes, but this year the real change, that change is a completely. This is a bit like Apple’s mobile phone, iphone5s is iphone5 change, and iphone6 is the replacement. Of course, do not rule out some changes between the two generations of the car is not too big. For example, the Volkswagen Golf 5 (2003), because the PQ35 platform was in excess of technology, power, control and comfort has been very good, the results of the 6 golf, most places have no need to do is just to make the innovation, change in the appearance of the interior and configuration)相关的主题文章:

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