Online wedding to buy wedding clothes do not rely on

Note to buy online buy wedding wedding not reliable buy wedding has good commemorative value, but also has many small buy wedding details of the note, the following Xiaobian introduce attention online buy wedding, see together. Do not rely on the Internet to buy wedding gauze wedding to pay attention to 1, look at the physical map. The wedding is the best on the human body model, rather than in reality, because each person’s appearance and temperament are not the same, if you look at the models wearing, it is difficult to have an objective understanding of this wedding dress. In addition, the picture can not be fully seen from the texture of a wedding is good or bad, if you fancy a wedding dress, the seller can provide more detailed photos. 2, to understand the wedding fabric, version knowledge. When the seller describes his wedding dress, the dress for the wedding dress, the version will often introduce very vague, this time, the new will be a lot of questions, such as fabrics are imported and domestic. Have import import satin and imported yarn, imported Sequin embellishment, imported lace and so on, for these, to understand at the time of consultation. 3, patient volume size. Because no try, the size is very important, generally according to height (net), 3 (bust, waist circumference, hip circumference), high shoes to measure according to different styles also need on the shoulder, chest, lower chest and neck length, BP height and width, length, length of the clothes in the back, more detailed the better. In addition, some stores do not provide tailor-made, to receive plate fees, to ask in advance. 4, some shops can bargain. Can be patient and sellers whet, tell him you have a lot of friends of marriage. 5, not a high reputation of the shop will be good. Some shops are selling volume, veil gloves accumulated. Pay attention to the sales and evaluation of your order.相关的主题文章:

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