Original not thin ah! PS is too fierce or the use of the national day 7 day secretly thin beauty! (v-t420s

Original not thin ah! PS is too fierce or the use of the national day 7 day secretly thin beauty! Even if the stars themselves are very beautiful, but also often escape changqiangduanbao HD camera! So this time, the real "hand of God" is indeed PS master ah! Now there are three Asian woman that are eager to learn magic, chasing each other potential is not less than a few years ago the stock market. These three magic are South Korean cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery and PS surgery China japan. Star fake face and thick makeup for the time being bad comments, but this is indeed a team P map can not be. Keywords: Representative: Gao Xiaosong who is thin into pieces the same person is hot eyes of Gao Xiaosong micro-blog update, PS after drying out a "thin" version of his photos, he wrote the text "walk, you lean into a lightning". In the photo, Gao Xiaosong tall, a pair of legs is also very suction eye. After the user has a message to see, thin into lightning, but why so hot eyes, I love the pine, are thin into lightning, the face is still so big, the back of the head where to go?". Keywords: Representative: Zhao Wei moment picture studio Zhao Wei recently if the creamy skin retouchers is in the network suddenly became popular. After seeing the PS array before and after photos, everyone said, Zhao boss had to master retouching with chicken! The studio photographer Zhao Wei in the eyes of the moment is, if the creamy skin, eyes were watery traces of the years, when necessary, even the "chest" in the shape of every heart. However, in contrast to other photographers can be found in the scene of the map can be found, even if the original facial features Zhao Wei is beautiful, but the real hand of God is indeed PS master ah! It did make Zhao boss a second rejuvenation. However, Zhao Wei’s P drawings and other PS traces of a strong network of red or there is a fundamental difference. First of all, retouchers not – after all, the young Zhao Wei is really really beautiful too much adjustment features; secondly, Zhao Wei does not face the problem of excessive injection or stiff, so for retouchers, as long as appropriate to beautify the skin, you can easily be as beautiful as the eighteen Zhao Wei. Representative: Queen B Keywords: must give the photographer with chicken!! From the skin to the facial features of the details of the adjustment! The world’s largest miss Queen B, had to admire the Queen B is a really high level of repair. From the skin to the facial features of the details of the adjustment! But no matter how the bloated state difference, the PS is like a fairy after 7 days of diet: 1, the first day: eat a whole wheat toast and a boiled egg and morning drink can choose tea or coffee. At noon to eat the rice to cook Steamed Rice if, and only eat half a bowl of good, collocation vegetables stir fried vegetables, stewed sirloin and gourd soup, then eat a pear. Eat in the evening and at noon Steamed Rice, is a bowl, then stir fried, steamed fish with Sauteed Green Beans and half white radish soup, meal eat a tomato. 2, the second day: in the morning to eat a sandwich, do not have to add too many things, as long as the inside with ham and tomatoes on the half of it. At noon to eat a bowl of Wonton & noodles and seaweed salad, fruit is apple. Eat half a bowl of rice germ at night, the food is cold Xi Lang collocation相关的主题文章:

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