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Over the past two years, the United States police over law enforcement to kill black cases frequently – Sohu news in the past two years, the United States after a spate of police violence against black law enforcement, and trigger a wave of public protests continued. Let’s look back at this series of events. July 2014 "throat lock" video case cited outrage Garner: I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. In July 17, 2014, in New York City, Staten Island, the police on suspicion of a 43 year old black man Garner in the streets of the illegal sale of cigarettes, the implementation of the arrest of him. In this process, including the white police Pantaleo, police officers will be surrounded by Garner. Among them, Pantaleo Garner’s neck with his arm around and he pressed on the ground, causing Garner coma, after the hospital died. This process is passers-by photographed using a mobile phone, sparked outrage to social networks. August 2014 "Brown’s death" caused a sustained protest in August 9, 2014, living in the town of Missouri, Ferguson, the black young man, and his companions, from the convenience store, came out, ready to go home in the town of. On the way, they were questioned by a police officer, and then clashed with the police. Brown was shot and killed on the spot. 11, the FBI announced an investigation into the death of Brown. Two witnesses said Brown raised his hand, but the police shot him. On November 24th, a grand jury in Missouri announced that Brown, a white police officer who shot Mr Wilson, was not prosecuted. The ruling has led to widespread protests in the United states. In November 2014 the black teenager was a white policeman shot in November 22, 2014, 12 year old black teenager Rice Tamir? In a playground in Cleveland city of Ohio was a white policeman wielding toy gun shot John Timothy? Because of his injuries died. After that, the United States jury ruled that the white police officers shot dead black youth, once again sparked protests in the United states. In April 2015 eight police shot a black man in April 4, 2015, South Carolina, North Charleston, white police slug fired 8 shots and killed a black man, Scott. Slager claimed that the incident, Scott tried to snatch the gun from his body, his life was in danger, he shot Scott in self-defense. However, the whole process is just an eyewitness photographed with a cell phone and published by the media. Video and slug scenario be quite different. In the video, Scott tried to escape, but the police slager at Scott’s back fired 8 shots, Scott was killed on the spot. (show) then to Scott slager said "put your hands behind your back, and Scott handcuffs. April 2015 Gray "unnatural death" protests of April 12, 2015, 25 year old Gray was questioned in Maryland Baltimore, he was trying to escape police control. The police seized from him a switchblade, which will be arrested. Police said the arrest process did not use force, but after Gray was arrested.相关的主题文章:

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