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P2P platform to speed up the growth of the market to speed up the reshuffle of the newspaper reporter You Huanzhen has been in a barbaric growth trend of the P2P industry, but now it is winter. Recently, according to research firm released August zero one financial P2P lending platform report shows that the number of new on-line platform only 10, the lowest since the March 2013. According to the third party mobile data services platform TalkingData latest data show that the size of the device installed P2P net loan application growth has slowed to single digits, only 7.3% in the two quarter. As the most active industry segments for Internet banking, P2P has always been in particular in 2016, in the teeth of the storm, frequent outbreaks of risk events, concern. With the increasingly stringent regulation, as well as increasingly fierce competition, P2P industry or will face a big reshuffle". P2P cold industry recently, research institutions released August zero one financial P2P lending platform report. The report shows that as of the end of August, the number of new on-line platform only 10, the lowest since the March 2013. Meanwhile, the normal operation of the platform fell 3.4% last month, while the number of problems in the platform continues to rise in August, there are problems with the platform in August, an increase of 31 from the previous month. Not only that, the amount of P2P industry transactions and user size is also declining. According to the first net loan data at the end of June 2016, although the first half of the P2P net loan transactions has been close to one trillion of the scale, only six months reached a total turnover of 82.2% last year, but the chain growth has increased by only 24.9%, compared to the past a huge difference. But more serious is the third party according to the mobile data service platform Talkingdata the same period of the data, has installed loan application of P2P network equipment scale growth slowed to single digits, the first quarter of 2016 the growth rate of the low value of 2.9%, the two quarter is slightly warmer but still only 7.3%. It is worth noting that, P2P yield levels are also declining. According to the latest release of the 2016 360 financial net loan rating report shows that the two quarter P2P industry yields continued to decline, and fell below 10% to 9.87% for the first time, compared with the end of the last quarter of 10.48% of income, down 0.61 percentage points. Tighter regulation from barbaric growth to now "cold", the P2P industry is changing fast eye popping. However, due to the lack of long-term P2P industry regulatory constraints, leading the entire industry business boundary in the fuzzy zone, taking notes, factoring, as the representative of the real estate assets is in a certain extent the size of the amount of products in P2P industry. In fact, from the small and micro finance, the original intention, P2P platform over development of large projects are also contrary to the nature. In addition, the storm has run away and P2P industries involved. According to Chan Ying consulting released "P2P net loan industry in 2016 8 monthly report", the business and platform of a total of 99, of which 42 platform 30, including run away cash difficulties 12; business platform 57, including the closure of 56, transformation 1.相关的主题文章:

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