Although the number of older pregnancy preparation, semen, but not health more useless – maternal So-mentalist

Although the number of older pregnancy preparation, semen, but not health more useless – Sohu are many maternal pregnancy knowledge in women after pregnancy slowly understand, but some must prepare pregnant even earlier time to learn. For example, older growth will increase the risk of miscarriage and gestational diabetes, fetal malformation and other issues, many women are in preparation for pregnancy or pregnancy did not know when it will let older pregnant mother have pressure of guilt for the baby. In fact, far more than women, pregnancy is one of two things, older male fertility is a risk in terms of the baby, because the semen quality has been gradually decreased. The older, the worse the quality of sperm, the best male reproductive period longer than women, 25 to 35 years of age is the golden age of male fertility. At the age of 40, the testicular function of the male decreased gradually, and the semen parameters (such as semen volume, sperm motility, sperm concentration and sperm morphology) and sperm function also decreased significantly, and the fertility decreased. Of course, there are a lot of differences in the quality of the sperm of men, some people may still have seventy or eighty years of fertility, and some may be very poor fertility of more than and 50 years old. Thank you for your attention, more information, you can also pay attention to: m.83152222, the Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital official website regularly to push your preparation related to pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum health care knowledge, we will. If you have any questions, please call the hotline: 0431-83152222, we will be based on your situation to make targeted guidance. The older, the more general case of abnormal sperm, semen sperm ratio of not less than 4% can be, but the number of sperm deformity in older male semen will rise. Abnormal sperm refers to the form of abnormal sperm and immature sperm, combat effectiveness is much worse than normal sperm. The main abnormal sperm may cause two kinds of problems: difficult to conceive: some abnormal sperm vitality is difference, it is difficult to combine with the egg pregnancy; adverse pregnancy outcomes: some abnormal sperm genetic material is abnormal, the sperm once the pregnancy, may cause miscarriage or fetal malformation. In short, the male age, the number of malformed sperm increased, not only more difficult to conceive, fetal malformation, miscarriage risk will increase. Older sperm!! how to do? If you are ready to have a second child the couple are older, the body has decreased in pregnancy preparation issues should be more cautious. Two aspects are very important: on the one hand is the regular inspection, on the other hand is to improve the living habits. The couple can best advice to the hospital for fertility assessment, according to the main contents including the evaluation of the male medical history and the current physical condition. 1 essential medical items including the pre inspection of heart, liver and kidney function, blood pressure, blood sugar, can also check the semen, sperm quality assessment. At present, the most commonly used to assess sperm quality check is a routine semen analysis, including normal index common: semen volume of more than 1.5 mL total sperm activity more than 40% to more than 32% sperm motility.相关的主题文章:

Do chicken ribs with tears to Nikon Nikon 1 Series anti camera production-punyu

Do chicken ribs with tears to the Nikon 1 series Nikon discontinued anti camera to say who dominate the anti camera market now, SONY said his second, nobody said that he is the first. It can be said that SONY in the anti camera either marketing or product development are under the foot of the capital, but it also gives the other camera manufacturers bring great pressure. For example, Nikon is planning to shut down the Nikon 1 series no camera. In order to anti camera with SONY and Canon EOS M series competitors confrontation, Nikon launched a series of 1 anti camera products, but with SONY in the anti camera market increasingly powerful, Nikon obviously feels out of. According to foreign media reports Ubergizmo, Nikon is considering the production of this series of no camera. Allegedly, although Nikon tried to seize the 1 series – camera market share, but in the face of every year to launch many new products of SONY, and Fuji, OLYMPUS, Canon and many other rivals, the 1 series is a matter of price or performance has no absolute advantage. I don’t know if you remember the latest release of the Nikon 1 series. The last time we saw Nikon released the new 1 series of anti camera is also in early 2015, and now more than a year later, Nikon does not seem to continue to update this series of plans. All the signs indicate that the anti camera market, Nikon seems to be going to surrender. After all, with the rise of the anti camera, now SLR camera market is not easy to maintain, Nikon may also have weakness in two ease market.相关的主题文章:

Jac will join forces to set up a joint venture company the development of new energy vehicles-rosstallanma

The public will jointly set up a joint venture   the development of new energy vehicles, car September 7 Beijing Xinhua (Wu Xiaoqin) today announced that the JAC and Volkswagen (Chinese) Investment Company Limited signed a joint venture cooperation memorandum of understanding. The two sides are on the field of new energy vehicles set up prospect and feasibility of a new joint venture enterprise evaluation, investment scale, business model and other details of the joint venture company has not yet been determined; both sides strive in the five months after the signing of the memorandum within agreed and signed a formal agreement. The main content of cooperation: 1, cooperation for the implementation of the national "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012–2020)", "passenger car fuel consumption evaluation methods and indicators" has been implemented, "the sixth stage of the national emission standards for motor vehicles", "passenger car average fuel consumption and new energy trading system" and "integral the new energy automobile carbon quota management measures" are being developed. In the face of increasingly tighter emissions regulations Chinese fuel consumption environment, the two sides agreed to use their own technology in the automotive sector and business advantages, in the framework of compliance with laws and regulations and national policy, discuss cooperation mode, in order to achieve mutual cooperation in the development of new energy vehicles. 2 principles of cooperation (1) cooperation between the two sides should follow the principle of equality, fairness and transparency. (2) under the framework of laws, regulations and national policies, Party B is willing to support Party A and its affiliated companies in China to achieve carbon emissions and fuel consumption limits on the basis of the conditions. 3, the intention of cooperation based on the new energy automotive products, set up a research and development company, to carry out all-round cooperation in research and development, new energy vehicles and parts production and sales, the travel plan and other fields, in order to contribute to energy saving and emission reduction. 4, the consensus on the joint venture (1) investment (a) in accordance with the principle of equal cooperation, the two sides respectively in cash and other tangible or intangible assets contribution to the initial payment of each of the registered capital of 50%. (b) in accordance with the business growth of the joint venture company or in the future, such as the laws of China, the parties agree to subscribe and pay the registered capital of the joint venture company in accordance with their respective equity ratio. After the business plan of the joint venture company is determined, the registered capital limit for each party to be subscribed and paid by the joint venture company shall be agreed upon by both parties. (2) product planning (a) in the initial stage of cooperation, the two sides plan as soon as possible based on existing mature platform to build a competitive product portfolio. (b) in principle, both parties should do their best to invest in their respective resources, including existing and future platforms, technologies and other professional skills to achieve the above product strategy. 5, cooperative promotion plan (1) the two sides should be established by the relevant departments of the two sides of the joint working group. The joint working group will complete the project feasibility study, establish the business model, and determine the scale of investment and other details within three months after the signing of the mou. (2) the parties strive to agree and sign a formal agreement within the next five months after the signing of this memorandum of understanding. (commissioning editor Wu Xiaoqin and Dou Ming)相关的主题文章:

Beckham had been victoria secret underwear industry Oscar appointed the big

Beckham had been victoria secret underwear industry Oscar appointed the big guest lead: Secret stage in Vitoria as the annual show, people in this effort but playfully leverage, even Beckham and Kanye was the Bra of the Oscar platform, today we have today Laibayi CY eight Victoria Secret on the stage to help the guests to play. Beckham on Victoria Secret – Oscar appointed the underwear industry big guests Rihanna, Bibb, Perry, JT, Kanye, Mars brother, even Beckham, these celebrities have appeared on the same stage. Not a Grammy, not MTV, but the underwear industry Oscar – Vitoria’s Secret T taiwan. In those years go on the Victoria Secret T show guests, you must have that today we have 818 players, who had boarded the stage? In 2016, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd 2016 three Lady Gaga Victoria’s Secret performing at 2016 annual show announced this year show three groups of performers, they are: Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd. The latter two have been played before, and Lady Gaga is the first appearance. In 2015, Selena Gomez, The Weeknd Selena-Gomez in 2015 2015 show guests to help the guests to play is Selena-Gomez and The-Weeknd, the original plan of the Rihanna problem because the publicity records cancelled the show, but also There was no parallel in history. 2015: The-Weeknd Hozier, Ed guest Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor-Swift 2014 2014 show guest: guest performers: Taylor-Swift 2014 Hozier 2014: guest performers performers: Ed-Sheeran 2014 show guests: Ariana-Grande 2014 Taylor-Swift second times aboard the Victoria Secret stage, and this is the first time the Victoria Secret Show "run away" New York, choose to do the show in London, so the British singer Ed-Sheeran has become to help the guests to play. Fall out boy, Taylor Swift, Neon Jungle 2013 performers: Taylor-Swift 2013: Taylor-Swift Taylor-Swift 2013 show guests first on the Victoria Secret stage, a diamond miniskirt sexy, in addition to Taylor outside the big show singing guests and Fall out boy, Neo.相关的主题文章:

Jiang Ling Mou released osmo+ handheld cameras add PTZ zoom lens-synnex

Jiang Ling Mou released Osmo+ handheld cameras add PTZ zoom lens new Ling Mou Osmo+ Phoenix Technology News News August 25th, Xinjiang today announced that the Ling Mou Osmo handheld cameras with zoom camera head combined with the launch of the first optical zoom function handheld camera PTZ + OSMO Ling mou. For the keen to use Ling Mou Osmo shot clear and sharp and detailed images of the people, the spirit of the MOU Osmo+ to create a new function for the Xinjiang innovation Senior Product Manager Paul Pan said, "from the dynamic image to the panoramic details to time-lapse photography, the new zoom function Osmo+ will once again expand the ability of hand shooting equipment, improve the limit of imagination." Ling Mou is equipped with Osmo+ meditation X3 zoom camera through 3.5 optical zoom, 2 times lossless digital zoom (lossless digital zoom only supports 1080p resolution) to achieve 7 times the focal length, 22 mm to 77 mm focal length without sacrificing HD cases. It is with the recent release of the "Enlightenment" Inspire 1 Zen equipped with man-machine system ZenmuseZ3 zoom camera (not interchangeable) similar. Ling Mou Osmo+ can help you to easily record the passage of time. Just select the start and stop position, and click the "start" button, you can create a time-lapse photography task, accurate control of the lens trajectory, no more specialized equipment. Osmo+ Ling Mou can shoot 4K 30fps Ultra HD video, 1080p 100fps slow motion video, use the built-in microphone handle can be directly recorded live sound clear, support Adobe DNGRAW1200 megapixel photo shoot, easy to edit. Ling Mou Osmo+ can also use DJI GO application procedure. Its main accessories include three tripod, bicycle bracket and extension rod. Ling Mou Osmo+ hand official price at China mainland pan tilt camera for 3999 yuan.相关的主题文章: