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Tiangong two will launch the space of brain computer interaction experiments by mind control – Sohu military channel map for the Tianjin University Professor Ming Dong in God the one conference. Tiangong two, will launch China’s first space brain computer interaction experiments, the astronauts in space "use your head" to "command" of various operations, in order to see the science fiction scene or will become a reality. "China Youth Daily" reported on September 17th, as China’s first truly laboratory space — the successful launch of Tiangong two, neural engineering from the Tianjin University team is responsible for the design and development on brain computer interaction and mental workload, visual function test system with neural efficiency into space, space will open for the first time in brain machine interaction experiments. "Brain computer interaction" is the highest form of future human computer interaction." The project is mainly responsible for Professor Ming Dong, Tianjin University School of precision instrument, brain computer interaction has been listed as one of the most disruptive innovation technology in the United States prior development, "it will be Chinese leading a space brain computer interaction experiments and open the journey". To carry out the testing system with neural efficiency 64 authorized invention patents in the Temple No. two, 1 software copyrights, is a big wisdom made the independent intellectual property rights technology cluster. Big neural engineering team engaged in research work to help the old, disabled, for the purpose of helping a new generation of brain computer interaction theory and key technology of the. They are designed for the whole limb stroke rehabilitation pure mind control artificial neural robot system "God the one" God two "and in many hospital clinical test is successful, has been named the" ten major scientific and technological achievements Chinese may change the future of development and application, promote brain computer interaction emerging technologies in the field of clinical rehabilitation. In the implementation of the manned space laboratory mission, "God" technology will be "Tiangong two" space laboratory astronauts in space verification contribute to medium-term stay, "Tiangong two" space for engineering project. Why should we take the lead in developing brain computer interaction in space? "From a macro point of view, the human brain is known as the" three pound universe "because of its complex mystery." Ming Dong introduction, the astronauts in space environment, complete complex tasks have been restricted, brain computer interaction can not rely on peripheral nerve and motor system, the astronaut’s thinking activities into operation instruction and mental workload and other neurological condition monitoring of astronauts, realize man-machine mutual adaptation, reduce the work load that is the most ideal way of human-computer interaction. Through the mental workload and visual function testing system, real-time access to and analysis of the astronauts in the task of sensory (visual) and cognitive (mental workload) function related to changes in physiological information. In brain computer interaction system for space flight process of all kinds of constraints are suitable for on orbit environment the high degree of recognition and high stability of brain computer interaction adaptive detection equipment and processing technology, constructs a brain computer interface for the highly customized individual astronaut discriminant model, designed the EEG features intensive induction training"相关的主题文章:

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Until you finally Q35 will be officially listed in August 28th, officially announced recently, Changhe Automobile, Changhe Automobile second new small SUV Changhe Q35 models will be on August 28th at the base of research and development of automobile industry of Beijing officially listed. The car will launch 1.5L a total of 6 models of displacement, the price range of 6.6-8.9 million. A new car with Beiqi Saab X35 sharing technology platform. Tip: as a Chinese brand of small SUV, Changhe Q35 rivals include Changan CS35 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), refine S3 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and other models. The car equipped with rich; will push 6 models of young design, the new car uses the upper and lower split grille grille on the dot matrix design, and wrapped in a large Silver Chrome, and connected with the headlights, the style is very fashionable. The inlet size is large, and with a black, very dynamic, the rear part of the car’s rear lines full, simple design, hanging Q35 logo. Q35, body size, length and breadth of 4286*1815*1665mm, wheelbase 2560mm, while the same platform Saab X35 pre exposure wheelbase of 2570 Q35, compared to X35 reduced the Changhe Saab 10mm. Q35 drive configuration is relatively rich Changhe Changhe configuration, Q35 is equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, cruise control, electric folding mirrors, sunroof, LED daytime driving lights and other equipment. In addition, Changhe Q35 according to different configuration will be available in two sizes, three style wheels. Security configuration, the new car is the standard ABS+EBD, brake priority, dual front airbags, crumple, steering column lock, automatically cut off the circuit system, ISOFIX child seat interface. To provide a power of 6 models of power system, Changhe Q35 will powertrain and Saab X35 sharing, and equipped with a 1.5L engine, the maximum output power of 85kW (116Ps), peak torque of 148Nm, transmission system, 5 speed manual and 4 speed automatic gearbox. In addition, the official said, three manual transmission models are also equipped with shift prompt function. Edit comment: Changhe Q25 listing makes up the blank of the SUV product line, and accelerate the pace of the introduction of SUV models, the Q35 will be listed, will bring considerable sales for Changhe motors, only continue to enrich their product line, can grasp more consumers.相关的主题文章:

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Do you know the mysterious light fetal education? More and more on the topic – "the maternal fetal education" Sohu in recent years, fathers, mothers in order to let the baby more healthy and clever, better growth started to pay attention to fetal education. However, we often hear the fetal education is "music" to "touch" fetal education, fetal education, there is a kind of mysterious " light "fetal education, you know? We are going to look at the science! 1, light fetal education is what? Light fetal education is a new method for fetal education, fetal education light is the main fetal education use of outside light source irradiation belly fetus, to the outside world through light stimulation, let the baby visual neural development is more agile, can also speed up the baby visual function quickly mature, let the brain nerve and visual nerve can be fully developed, various intelligence, vision and other aspects of the baby there is a positive effect. 2, light steps of fetal education is what? The light source is the use of fetal education stimulation to the baby, so mother prepared to give the baby to choose the light source in the light of fetal education when fetal education was reasonable, to select a weak light source, especially as the flashlight light source is the most appropriate, soft, neutral, not special dazzling. Secondly, the light of the need to choose a good time when fetal education, education for children in the night time. Mother with a flashlight in the direction of the fetal head irradiation, irradiation for about five minutes each time, after the exposure time to turn off the flashlight. Rest for a while and then open, so repeated several times of light stimulation. In the light of fetal education when the mother can appropriately increase fetal education and baby talk, language, tell the baby is now at night, then they can see things need to turn on the lights at night, mom and Dad together to eat a lot of food Oh! You must grow up well oh! So the statement can be, for the baby is some help. 3, what is the role of light fetal education? Light fetal education can let the baby development, late pregnancy in the cerebral cortex visual central nerve growth and improve more, also can let the baby’s intelligence, imagination is development and good development. At this time the late pregnancy in the second trimester fetal education light is the best time to rest, can regulate through this method to let the baby to establish circadian fetal education, lay a good foundation for the future life of the baby. Light fetal education content is simple, convenient operation, light for second trimester fetal education until the baby is born in this period of time can be. Need time designated for children of light can not stop a fetal education, three days of sunshine, so the impact of the baby is relatively large. Baby education, training, communication of information, can promote the intellectual development of children is very good, but also can improve between the baby and the mother’s feelings, a certain interaction and understanding of the mother can accurately grasp the rules and information of the baby, but also through the light of fetal teach your baby smarter. The light of the baby is now fetal education regardless of brain development or after the birth of the regular schedule is of great effect, in order to grow the baby can be more healthy, smart mothers tired is worth it. Light ray.相关的主题文章:

The child was ill, as early as possible, the mother should be in advance to deal with the following! www.yn111.net

The child was ill, as early as possible, the mother should be in advance to deal with the following! Sohu baby young children often get sick, or sometimes suddenly ill, let new parents be taken by surprise, delicate child sick, also let parents who love dearly. In fact, the early childhood education experts to remind everyone that the child is often a sign of illness, timely detection of timely response, so that the child to avoid the pain of torture. 1 red face, restless dress of normal children, especially It is without rhyme or reason. looking red, after a nap not only blush, ears are red, this is often a sign of a child have a fever, when adults give children don’t cover too much, but also less wear cause cold. When adults should consciously let the children drink plenty of warm water, older children let them run even sweat, accelerate the The new supersedes the old. 2 brothers heart hot humid and even parents sometimes took the child’s hand, children will find palm heat even damp sweat, this is the child indigestion performance, easily lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, parents should let the children of light based diet, avoid high fat, high protein, high glucose and other non digestible food. 3 dry lips red child dry lips red, is lit, accumulated will lead to children oral inflammation and throat, suggest that children drink plenty of water and eat properly some cool effects of soup, avoid eating fried food, decoction. 4 normal infants with white tongue thick and thin white fur, white, pale red. If the child tongue thick white, show that children have food, do not eat greasy food breastfeeding mothers, older children can eat light porridge and vegetables, until the stomach back to normal. 5 dry stool dry stool is the large intestine heat appearance, often susceptible to cold and fever. Suggest that children drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, you can also boil pear baby water to drink to eliminate fire, you can also burn eel porridge or eel porridge. 6 is the feeling of the child nose nose by naked eye or nose blue. In addition to the child spleen dampness, abdominal distension and diarrhea, but also affect the growth and development of children, don’t let the children eat ice cream popsicles and cold food in winter, try not to eat fruit, more exercise. 7 If a child suddenly sneezes and accompanied by occasional dizziness, which means that the child will catch a cold. When adults must give children drink plenty of water, taking vitamin C tablets can even enhance the body resistance, but also can be eaten raw onion method is to prevent colds, heat oil poured on the chopped onion, and tofu salad to eat, but this dish is very delicious. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章:

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Three Yuan Food: bravely assumed social responsibility, accurate health poverty alleviation project start – Beijing, Beijing, September 26, today, "accurate health poverty alleviation project start cum three yuan of corporate social responsibility report conference held in Langfang city in Hebei province. Li Shihong, Secretary General of the Hebei Provincial Foundation for poverty alleviation, Secretary General of the Dairy Association of Beijing, Beijing, three yuan, general manager of food, such as the presence of Chen Lijun, attended the meeting on behalf of the general manager of the company, such as the general manager of the food and beverage industry, such as the presence of the general manager of the food, such as. Three Beijing food general manager Chen Lijun speech according to the WHO estimates, if early childhood malnutrition, can lead to the loss of 1% adult height, lower IQ 5 to 11 percentage points, may lose their lives and create productivity 10%. The problem of children’s nutrition in poor rural areas in China is outstanding, providing basic health services for children and improving their nutrition and diet. Hebei province poverty alleviation foundation Secretary General Li Shihong to the general manager of three yuan food milk division Wu Songhang awarded honorary certificates according to the Beijing Dairy Association Secretary General Liao Chenxing introduced by the Beijing Dairy Association launched the "accurate health poverty alleviation initiative" has been three yuan in response to food. Precision health poverty alleviation project launch ceremony, three yuan to provide food to Hebei Province, a Book of poverty alleviation manual, will be in Hebei Province, the poor county of the 100 thousand 0-7 year old children to carry out a period of one year to 62 years of health poverty alleviation for a period of 5 years. Three yuan food is also planned for the next 5 years, in the country to select the poorest areas of poverty for at least 200 thousand children in poor families to help the poor in health care for children in. Statistics show that three yuan of food as a company with a history of over 60 years, from the beginning of the establishment, that is, to focus on the capital of the elderly, children, patients and other special groups to provide milk, nutrition. The special historical mission to three yuan food always put product quality first, quality and safety has become a part of the development of the company’s gene and enterprise culture, for decades, as all dairy products in China and Beijing, the major political, economic and cultural activities of large suppliers. To ensure the quality of products is the mission of the enterprise. As the dairy brand has a history of 60 years, three yuan of national dairy food heart, love the health of the people, always with "conscience love responsibility" as the core values of the enterprise, with practical action to send warmth and care for poor families. Since the beginning of 2000, three yuan for food in Beijing old Red Army soldiers to provide free milk; 2003-2007, for 5 consecutive years of sponsorship of the Pinggu mountain poor school; 2007, to Anhui flood relief frontline donated 90 thousand boxes of milk; during the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, to Beijing blood donors to provide 100 thousand yuan worth of milk, and donated 10 million yuan milk for the earthquake stricken area. In 2011, three yuan of food to carry out "three yuan of poor families of multiple births assistance program in the country, until now has been for the National more than 1 thousand twins family provide free milk aid; in August 2015, donated about 1100000 yuan worth of high-quality milk powder to Tibet; in January 2016, three Yuan visited Cai Chuan Zhen, Danfeng County, Shangluo city children’s Welfare Institute Shangzhou District, sanshilipu village of Shanyang County town of color, total contributions 66 poor families,.相关的主题文章: