Parents are only interested in talking to you (video) verbal jint

My parents just want to talk to you." Cousin brush the phone, complained to me. "What’s going on?" "She gave me a micro channel, are: breakfast, lunch, dinner, eat not eat no…… As if I was in her eyes is not eating, tired of death." So I did not answer, then cousin Tucao said: there is a reminder I remember to wear more clothes less late at night what, say 10 to 20 years, not too tired." "She cares about you." "I know it’s a concern, but it’s all that big, and it’s a lot of care."." I thought for a moment and said, "maybe she just wanted to talk to you." "Maybe." He did not reply, continue to fiddle with the phone. I think it’s ironic. When we were young, chasing shouting and talking to their parents, any questions are the first time to ask them, with a small secret is also most willing to share with them. If parents seem a little attention, we will pass the crying roll way to get their attention. As the age gradually, the parents did not reduce our concern, but we put every one of their concerns, as a result of the extra bother. I think of one thing before. National Day holiday home, home that night. My parents and I be fatigued by a long journey, greeted, as in the past to shut himself in his room, and friends to open WeChat snapshots. It wasn’t long before my mother came in and took a washed apple to me and said, "are you hungry?" Eat an apple first." "I’m not hungry, I don’t want to eat." As I spoke, I opened the computer. She looked at my head down, focus on the computer, I estimate and did not know what to say next, just keep saying: "you play, and cook for you." So he took the door and left. Ten minutes later, my mother came knocking at the door, a dish of chopped roasted sausage on my bedside, said: "don’t eat apples then eat meat, to fill stomach." I have not looked up, staring at the computer replied: "I really do not want to eat, you take it back." I was a little cold, she knows I don’t want to talk to her, saying "good" went out. Thought can finally feel at ease playing computer, did not think it had for a while, my mother came knocking at the door, said: "you want to eat Boiled dumplings? I cook for you to eat." This time she did not own pushed open the door, as if waiting for my permission, but I was impatient, at the door to the sentence: "you don’t bother me, I’m not hungry!" A silence outside the door. I pull down the face to continue to play the computer, vaguely heard footsteps left, but also careless. After about half an hour, I have forgotten my mom made me angry, playing computer carried away. "In?" All of a sudden I heard my dad outside the door, with a bit of anger in his voice. I looked up and rubbed his eyes, said a voice: "in." My father pushed the door in, a serious face and asked me: "you are not your mother? I saw her crying in her room." "Ah?" In my limited impression, my mother never cried. I immediately heart a tight, only to realize that he had done something wrong, shame and remorse moment in my heart, catch up相关的主题文章:

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