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Park Geun hye resisted the prosecution investigation: Korean media to avoid being arrested "hardcore" – Sohu news [global times in South Korea, the United States special correspondent Wang Wei Li Yong Wei Hui] the face of surging down the voice of Park Geun hye continue to take with the resist strategy. The 29 day is given to the prosecution investigation deadline, but through the park 28 defense lawyers said, unable to accept the position of face to face investigation. The prosecution authorities had told the media that the independent prosecutor candidates finalized soon, after 29 days of "time", the prosecution is difficult to survey park. Pu Jinhui announced on the 4 day of the speech, will be honest to accept the prosecution and procuratorial independence investigation group if necessary, but has since been on time and mode of investigation and prosecution. Prosecutors initially told Pu Jinhui in 15 to 16 days after the date of the survey, was delayed to 18 days, has not yet been response. Prosecutors in 20 days for Pu Jinhui "bestie" Cui Shunshi and other 3 suspects for prosecution in the indictment, the defendant and the president pointed out that the conspiracy crime, and announced that park Geun hye is on file the identity of the suspect. Since then, park Geun hye announced will not cooperate with the investigation, and will accept the political neutrality of the independent counsel investigation group. South Korea’s "world news" analysis, face prosecution named "conspiracy crime", Pu Jinhui dismissed the prosecution, going nuts. As the country’s constitution and legal guardian symbol of the president, ignoring the results of national judicial institutions, and to drag as a judicial investigation means to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Some analysts believe that Pu Jinhui is trying to take time to consider countermeasures and seek a turn. An analyst told the Global Times reporter, Pu Jinhui has been classified as a criminal prosecutor suspects, which means that once she loses the presidential immunity, it may be arrested. So she is now under pressure to continue to die". In this regard, the South Korean people apparently do not agree. Combined more than 1 thousand and 500 civil society groups "Park Geun hye regime to step down is the national action" said on the 28 weekend of December, several plans to hold a massive candlelight rally has been protests until the park down. On Saturday, the fifth round of the South Korean people held great in strength and impetus candlelight rally organizers estimated there were 1 million 900 thousand people at the rally, police estimated 330 thousand people. The total Democratic Labor Union will hold a general strike in 30, park Geun hye down requirements. "Is the national action plan announced this day as" the day of civil disobedience ". South Korea, "East Asia daily" 28, said last weekend’s demonstrations, although the record size, but the rally has been carried out in a peaceful manner. Overseas media think highly of, "the government lost National Park, but was once again built up national". "Bestie" politics, the business pressure forced enterprises to donate large sums of money, Cui Shunshi use and park Geun hye let his daughter into a first-class university, Chong Wa Dae public funds to buy a lot of viagra"…… The scandal of the "political scandal" is getting bigger and bigger, but it may be far from complete. South Korean media reports, prosecutors revealed that Zheng Hucheng was arrested in the Chong Wa Dae secretary found the core evidence of the phone. "Seoul news" quoted prosecutors as saying: "Zheng Hucheng confiscated phone recording相关的主题文章:

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