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Patient: first-class medicine herbs export do life-saving medicine medicine medicine dregs "disease" of the traditional Chinese medicine quality declining buried reporter Zhang Lina Ling Junhui Xiao Sisi – survival crisis reported reporters recently Chinese medicine research found that the medicinal resources dried up, the quality of raw materials decreased year by year and aggravated the vicious competition in the industry, the phenomenon of rampant counterfeit medicines the market is flooded with. Insiders said that China’s pharmaceutical industry is facing a huge crisis. The medicine dregs is made of proprietary Chinese medicine Chinese herbal medicine quality straight down, worse than before." Jiangsu Haichang pharmaceutical chairman Cai Baochang said that the problem is quite a part of traditional Chinese medicine injections in raw materials. People in the industry are aware, now the first-class medicine export, second medicine into the hospital, those three medicines flow unqualified, inferior or dregs of a decoction is made of all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine. In the interests of the chain of gray marketing, adverse drug and hospital collusion, so that poor quality raw materials of drugs in hospitals, pharmacies bid price, resulting in bad money drives out good money phenomenon. Cai Baochang said: "you are in accordance with the standards, the cost will be high, the hospital does not accept biliangweichang." The new Chinese medicine produced a multitude of names, packaging listed with all kinds of advertising, the second quarter of 2015, the State Food and drug supervision departments to monitor the 12 Chinese medicine advertising content contain effect assertions do not science, expand the publicity cure rate, efficiency, and the use of academic institutions, experts, doctors, patient name and image as proof. Seriously mislead consumers. Unfortunately, the fake drugs were not long after exposure, and change the name out. It is understood that, at present, access to GNP certificate of Chinese herbal medicine enterprises have about 1500, most companies are producing five hundred or six hundred kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, suitable for the growth of different medicinal herbs, resulting in uneven quality. The third quarter of 2015 in Hubei province were found in drug testing does not meet the standard requirements of 203 batches of drugs, including Chinese herbal medicine, the 133 batch of medical preparations in 13 batches, 57 batches of Chinese medicines and chemical drugs. The same year, Inner Mongolia food and drug testing departments in circulation, chemical drugs are all qualified 35 batches of Chinese crude drugs; 60 batches detected substandard batches of 10. "Never seen the quality of traditional Chinese medicine like this, life-saving medicine" disease ", not a good medicine." Gangruzzo Mar was born in a Chinese medicine school after graduation, opened a clinic, she just do their own good acupuncture and massage, very few people prescribe. "I eat Chinese medicine is to go to the market to select medicinal herbs, their processing." Gangruzzo Mar said, the past Chinese medicine if necessary must be planted in different locations after three generations of investigation is not have effect, are now in mass production, the origin of arbitrary, high-quality medicinal materials of origin was abominable plunder. Study of traditional Chinese medicine 31 year old experts doubt the effect is not good, and the Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine and other issues of transgenic one after another, people gradually lose confidence to the traditional Chinese medicine. Tang Decai, Secretary of the Party committee of Nanjing basic medical college, Professor of clinical Chinese pharmacy, subject leader, doctoral tutor, vice chairman of Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine. This theory相关的主题文章:

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