Peng Shuai won a wta10 month best breakthrough award recognized sports Sohu – difficult comeback-nibbuns

Peng Shuai won best breakthrough award WTA10 comeback recognized Sohu hard sports newspaper news (reporter Zhu Peng) from the waist surgery to re approach the downturn, now ranked the world top 100, female tennis star Peng Shuai Chinese comeback go hard but firmly. The firm has also been recognized by the women’s professional tour WTA. She won the WTA10 70% Month award for best breakthrough. In 2014, Peng Shuai reached the semi-finals at the US Open, a personal best record in Grand slam. But in 2015, under the influence of his back, Peng Shuai missed most of the 2015 season. After receiving the surgery, Peng Shuai’s choice is whether to continue to adhere to the tennis career. "For me, two years ago, I was at the peak. I could choose to keep playing, or not. In fact, my friends and family did not agree with me, because the risk is too great, and I am now almost 30 years old." Peng Shuai in an interview when participating in said. The former number one singles Chinese chose surgery, after surgery and decided to return. After the injury she has been trying to regain his best tennis state. "No one can guarantee that I’ll be back on the court after the surgery, and even if I come back in case I get hurt again? I would like to thank you for your support and care for me, because I was a bit stubborn to do surgery. My family and friends were very supportive of me during my surgery, and it was a great challenge for me." The long recovery period let Peng Shuai’s physical condition and ranking fell. In 2016, she had a hard time recovering. But in the Chinese season, Peng Shuai slowly began to shine. She is in the net to beat former world first big Williams, followed in the subsequent Tianjin open, harvested the WTA virgin crown. World rankings from the lowest point of the 768th to now is about to break the world’s top 100.相关的主题文章:

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