Philippine President no longer participate in the South China Sea joint cruise to buy weapons from R

Philippine President: no longer participate in the South China Sea joint cruise to buy weapons from Russia Sohu integrated foreign media news 13 news, Duthel Te said on that day, the Philippines Navy and coast guard vessels will only be patrolling the 12 mile, not patrol in the exclusive economic zone. He also said that considering the purchase of weapons from China and russia. September 13th, Duthel Te participated in the activities of the air force base in the city of on September 13th, Duthel Te in the city of Airbase Air Force Base (Villamor) to participate in activities. According to the German news agency reported that Duthel Te spoke to the air force, said: we will not participate in any joint ocean cruise. I won’t allow it because I don’t want my country to engage in any hostile act. I just want to patrol our territorial waters." Observer network noted that U.S. Defense Secretary Carter introduced in April this year, Philippines and the United States in the South China Sea in the beginning of the joint maritime patrols in the South China Sea in the South China Sea in March. The joint patrol agreement was reached in Washington on January this year. Duthel Te also said that once again stunned, consider buying weapons from Russia and Chinese. According to legal media reports, Duthel Te said, where cheap, where there is no limit, is transparent, we can buy arms from where." He said, "I don’t need a fighter like F-16, it doesn’t work for us. We’re not going to fight with other countries." The United States is one of the closest allies of Philippines, according to the Stockholm Peace Research Institute data show that from the beginning of 1950, the United States accounted for 75% of the imports of weapons to Philippines, Russia and China also did not provide weapons to Philippines. According to the data of Jane’s Defence Weekly, Philippines this year to spend in the military? Purchase budget has risen to $524 million, an increase of 60% over last year. According to the observer network previously reported, Duthel Te 12 U.S. troops from southern Philippines to withdraw. The United States responded that it has not received a formal request from Philippines. From 2002 onwards, hundreds of American military advisers stationed in the southern Philippines region of Mindanao, help Philippines government counter-terrorism. However, with the president’s tough on the contrary, the Philippine defense minister Loren Za Na 12, stressed that Philippines and the US defense relations is still strong, "the United States is our ally, the United States as described, our defense ties as solid as rocks."相关的主题文章:

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