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Home-Improvement In the past, Americans who were relocating typically rented a trailer or truck they had to drive themselves. Moving pods have be.e the fast new alternative: the client packs it, and a .pany moves it. The .pany can also store the pod and its contents temporarily at either end of the move. For moves across the U.S. or from city to city, the pod .pany can pick up and transport to wherever the client requires. Then the customer unloads the belongings on his or her own time. Thus, a pod resembles a .mercial shipping container, but its smaller and more personal. The American market has witnessed an explosion of moving pod operators in the past decade and a half. PODS, generally acknowledged as the leader in the market (the .pany derived its name from portable on-demand storage) opened for business in 1998. Its many .petitors range from Units Portable Storage, Door to Door Storage, and Pack Rat Portable Storage to MyWay Mobile Storage, Go Minis, and Mobile Mini. Long-time moving giant U-Haul International, which dates back to 1945, has also gotten into the industry by marketing its version of the moving pod, which it has branded as U-Box. Pod units are easier to load and unload because they sit flat on the ground. In addition, the client does not have to operate a truck or maneuver a trailer. He or she does not have to pay a driver and truck to stand by during loading and unloading. Most pod .panies provide truck with mechanical arms that lift the loaded container in a full upright position so doesnt tip over the contents. For pod construction, customers may choose among metal, fiberglass with hardwood flooring, or metal and wood (such as marine-grade plywood reinforced with aluminum sheets). Customers should check to make sure their driveway exceeds the width of the mere moving pod: to avoid regrettable incidents, the driveway needs to exceed the width of the truck and its lifting arms. The alternative is to park and load the pod at curbside. When that happens, the client will have to apply for the necessary street permit. Pod .panies typically offer a standard container measuring 8 feet square. The length can be 12, 16, or 20 feet. Some .panies can offer owners of large homes and offices an even longer moving pod. College students have found moving pods especially useful because theyre .pact and convenient for a fast move. Students may also need to place a pod in storage for several months or a year off. Clients appreciate the flexibility that storing a pod offers them. If they encounter a delay in closing on a house, customers might need to store their belongings for a period of time, depositing their pod(s) in a warehouse while making permanent arrangements. The storage option can protect clothing and furniture from extreme heat and cold, as well as exposure to moisture, for long periods of time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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