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Poland not to buy the aircraft   method moves   wave zuizhang upgrade – Heilongjiang channel — people.com.cn original title: Poland not to buy aircraft method moves wave zuizhang upgrade ceased buying European Airbus Company by the Poland government and military helicopters triggered the diplomatic dispute 12 further upgrade: the French government revoked for Poland to participate in an exhibition in Paris, invited by Poland’s Deputy Defense Minister Bartos kovner’s dissatisfaction?. Kopf Na F Ki 12 in the criticism method called Polish promise and then deny in succession, "the church in a few centuries ago, the French people how to use a fork". [method] "moves" triggered a diplomatic dispute is a purchase, by the time of the ruling party of Poland Civic Platform party make a purchase decision in 2014. According to this purchase, the government of Poland intends to buy 50 Airbus helicopter company H225M "with" military transport helicopter, is expected to contract for the amount of 3 billion 140 million euros (about 23 billion 230 million yuan). After preliminary negotiations, the Poland government reached a temporary agreement with Airbus in April 2015. But before long, Poland political transformation". Support the abolition of the largest opposition party law and Justice Party in the arms of victory for the Civic Platform party in parliamentary elections in October, came to power. Poland is now the 4 government decided to stop the procurement plan negotiations. Because Airbus is headquartered in France, and the French government has a large proportion of the equity of the European air group, the parent company of Airbus, plans to negotiate termination of a thing that the French government is very furious, French President Francois announced on the 7? Hollande postponed a trip to Poland. More than 12 media reports, the French Embassy in Poland has received an official letter from the French government, the content is to cancel the invitation to participate in an industrial exhibition in Poland. The exhibition will be held in Paris next week. [method] to move change at Poland, Deputy Defense Minister Kopf Na F Ki 12, told reporters: "the French side long before the formal invitation to attend the exhibition, and now we close the door." He said: "but these are a few centuries ago from us to learn how to use the fork of the people, this can explain their behavior today." Analysis of the Agence France-Presse, Kopf Na F Ki said the Polish Church French use a fork, refers to the French king Henry III extended with forks, and Henry III in become king of France before was selected as the king of Poland and a short stay in Poland. But it was also believed that Henry III left Poland, through Italy, Venice, found the way to eat with a fork, and then promote it. Although France has yet to try his statement to respond to the "political", Poland magazine comments on its website: "try Nowitzki might be the first to use a fork for foreign politicians Dutch act." Yata law and Justice Party spokesman Tony Poland’s ruling? Matsu Rick said Kopf Na F Ki’s statement "and the diplomatic practice very inconsistent". Repair relations? ] media analysis, the differences between Poland and Airbus lies mainly in terms of the content of the agreement ‘s compensation. In accordance with this type of agreement,相关的主题文章:

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