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Putin And Obama – Corruption Twins Separated At Birth Posted By: Bruno Korschek Today’s observations are based on the news stories that have been circulating about the Russian Olympics. The stories are not all about the athletes but many are about the corruption and criminality that is rampant within the Russian government and political class. The initial estimate to put the Russian Olympics on was substantially less than $10 billion. The final cost is already higher than $50 billion. This will make it the most expensive Olympics games ever to be put together, orders of magnitudes more expensive than all previous winter Olympics, a cost overrun that will eventually be paid by the ordinary Russian taxpayer. Why the disconnect between the forecasted cost and the reality? Investigative journalists have pointed out how corrupt the whole Russian society, government, and political class are. Every effort, every task, every Olympic venue, every politician, every construction company, every transaction was infested with crony politics, blackmail, bribery, kickbacks, and inefficiencies that kept running up the cost of the Games. One would htink that Russia must be a terrible place to live, where anything and everything is subject to political connections, bribes, cronyism, kickbacks, etc.

putin Obama Care’s Myriad Of Disasters Posted By: Bruno Korschek Much has been written about Obama Care, the President’s signature legislation that was supposed to provide low cost health care insurance for every American. Unfortunately, it has been an abject failure in so many ways as thousands of news reports and hundreds of expert analyses have proven. In fact, its so unbelievable that one single piece of Washington legislation could create so much havoc, insanity, and hardship for the country and its citizens. Despite the hardships, we have a President and a large portion of Congress that are coldheartedly ignoring the damage to lives, health, the economy and our freedoms that this legislation is causing. This damage, insanity, and hardship include, but are not limited to the following: – So far, almost five million Americans have already lost access to their preferred insurance policies. – Many of these Americans lost access to their current insurance policies while they were in the midst of serious medical treatments, e.g. cancer treatments, leaving their future treatments and health up in the air.

obama Production Or Plant Engineer Looking For Australia Immigration Posted By: exankit Australia is a wonderful country to live and work, although, this also happens to be my personal opinion but I choose to quote this fact from the general aspirations of the people who have shifted to this most lucrative destination in recent past years. This continent nation has become a popular location for resettling among the people of erstwhile third world countries because of the facilities and opportunities being laid at disposal of the nationals and permanent residents. Generally and comparably in a country like India where even after paying taxes you are on your own and the government is only a name sake governing body that lives in an environment disconnect with its people, it is hard to imagine about a situation where the authorities do not just react sensitively to the requirements of its people but they act proactively to address every little aspiration of the inhabitants. Guaranteed minimum compensation, preservation of rights of workers and ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment for the personnel etc. These factors are a prominent part of the policies of Australian government, which even after not being a socialist setup, strives to guarantee level playing field for employers and employees.

Australia immigration The Congressional Adult Behavior Act: Fixing What Washington Broke Posted By: Bruno Korschek

term limits The 18 Largest Federal Government Disasters Ever Posted By: Bruno Korschek

term limits The Lamest Washington Politicians Ever – A Measly 18 Laws Enacted In The First Seven Months Of 2013 Posted By: Bruno Korschek In the first seven months of 2012, the political class in Washington had managed to pass and enact a meager 54 pieces of legislation. At that time, it was viewed as the least productive set of Federal politicians in the history of the United States. A pathetic performance from so-called leaders, people who on average earn more than three times the annual income of the average American family. But just when you think our politicians cannot get any worse, they manage to under perform even more. According to an article in a recent issue of Business Week magazine, in the first seven months of 2013, Washington politicians have managed to enact a meager 18 pieces of legislation. Beyond pathetic. Now, one should never support passing legislation for the sake of passing legislation. Far more often than not, when politicians pass laws to resolve a problem they end up making the problem worse or waste far more taxpayer wealth. But if minimal legislation enactment resolves major issues, go for it. And Lord knows we are suffering through a ton of weighty problems in this country: 1.

term limits Canadian Immigration Visa From India Posted By: exankit If you have been seeking Canadian Immigration Visa from India then I would never suggest that you should go on your own as the times have drastically changed and the rapid alterations have been instituted into the migration policy structure of this country. Traditionally Canada has been one of the top most preferred locations for people of India. A cool and comfortable climate aided with abundance of opportunities for employment and better salaries for skilled immigrants and stable business environment and higher return on investment for business people and investing individuals are the major factors that have always Canada on minds of all Indians alike. Besides the economic prosperity, the social set up of the country is also an influencing factor that attracts people from all over the world. I have been coming across several predictable and several unpredictable reasons and opinions of people who have been advocating going abroad to countries like Maple nation. They simple quote one reason that I think even I cannot deny i.e. the civil liberties. There are several people in Indian subcontinent who are feeling the pinch of the atrocious and suppressive system being followed by the current regime.

Canada visa Term Limits For Federal Politicians: How Much Worse Could It Be? Posted By: Bruno Korschek The mood in America is not good. Economic conditions are bad and trending worse, our national debt is skyrocketing, the country’s citizens have never been more divided against each than they are today, our world standing and prestige continue to deteriorate, and the political class in America has not solved a single major issue in the past several decades. Our schools continue to under educate our kids, we have no strategic and effective national energy policy, health care costs continue to escalate, our borders leak, and we have already lost the war on drugs. Many of these chronic issues have been with us for decades, proving that the Washington political class has been incapable or unwilling to address and resolve these national problems. And most recently, our politicians have again illustrated their impotency and their hand in the destruction of freedom and liberty in the following, unfolding scandals: 1. The Washington political class has abused the powers and reach of the IRS to harass citizens and organizations who held contrary political views. 2. The Washington political class has abused the powers and reach of the IRS to harass religious groups who held contrary political views. 3.

term limits The Futility Of A War That Talks Could Have Ended: Reflections On The Afghan Conflict Posted By: Michael Noonan A British General said that talks with the Taliban, that are due to take place in Qatar, could have been started ten years ago. So this interminable and unwinnable war could have ended, with negotiations, years ago, if this more positive option hadn’t been vetoed by politicians like George W. Bush and others. As so often in the past, futile wars are conducted and pursued, so that politicians can save face, with the lives of their own soldiers as a secondary matter. This sudden U-turn, of opening talks with the Taliban rather than trying to destroy them through military operations, makes all the previous statements that politicians made on Afghanistan, sound like so much guff and baloney. (Indeed if politicians are said to ‘eat their words’, at times, then this has been a five course banquet). Though of course a political class that could give us the brazen lie about WMDs in Iraq, to justify that catastrophic war, is capable of anything. It was sheer madness to think that we could win a military campaign in Afghanistan anyway; a country which has been a graveyard of conquerors since the days of Alexander the Great.

Afghan debacle Out Of Control Government Snooping And Control – Orwell Was Right Posted By: Bruno Korschek Seems like the recent actitivies of the Washington political class and the Federal govenrment have been running quite counter to the concepts of privacy and freedom that Americans have enjoyed for over two centuries. These actions include the use and abuse of the IRS to attack, weaken, and hamper political opponents (freedom of speech). The use and abuse of the IRS to attack, weaken, and hamper the activities of religious organizations (freedom of religion). The use and abuse of the Justice Department to secretly obtain phone records of Associated Press and Fox News journalists (freedom of the press). The soulless abandonment of over 20 Americans who were under attack at the Benghazi, Libya U.S. consulate (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.) The use and abuse of the Justice Department to hunt down and persecute brave government whistleblowers. Unfortunately, this assault on freedom has continued unabated just since the latest post listed above went up in late May. According to an Associated Press news report from June 6, 2013: – The article discussed of the government’s confiscation of Americans’ phone records involving hundreds of millions of telephone calls of Verizon customers via a secret court order.

nixon You Are No Longer Living In A Free Country Posted By: Bruno Korschek Have you had the feeling recently, as an American, that you were no longer living in a free country? This may be tough news to swallow, it may be difficult to believe, but if you look at the facts, Americans now live under an oppressive, callous, selfish, vindictive Federal government and political class. It has not happened over night. But over time, the political class has chipped away small pieces of our liberty until you wake up one day and realize that what at first were tiny little chips have become huge chunks of lost freedom. What we used to take for granted as free Americans is now viewed by the politicians in this country as their right, their domain, and their pleasure to do as these please, paying lip service or no attention to the freedoms guaranteed by the inconveniences of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The past two weeks have made this trend all the more evident, with startling revelations that the IRS has been turned into a political weapon of the Obama administration to harass and burden Americans with opposing political and religious views and suppress their freedom of speech rights.

obama Going British To Resolve America’s Welfare Fraud Problem Posted By: Bruno Korschek

term limits America: A Country Founded By Geniuses And Operated By Idiots Posted By: Bruno Korschek The following thoughts came to me from a friend"s email. I do not know if Mr. Junius P. Long actually exists or if the following thoughts are his. Regardless of his status, these words and thoughts sum up quite nicely how the ruling political class has screwed up the country"s finances, priorities, and common sense. By Junius P. Long – Food For Thought If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for being in the country illegally …you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots. If you have to get your parents" permission to go on a field trip or take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion … you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots. If the only school curriculum allowed to explain how we got here is evolution, but the government stops a $15 million construction project to keep a rare spider from evolving to extinction … you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots.

term limits Executive Protection Los Angeles Can Service Many Events And Situations Posted By: Kar Lut The world of executive protection is vaster than many realize. Most will assume that this type of protection work involves bodyguard duties or transporting someone in a safe manner. Certainly, these are all tasks and duties that fall under the executive protection services, but there are far more duties which can be done under the heading of such work. In fact, a professional executive protection Los Angeles service can cover many different areas of security numerous businesses would find helpful. Hotel Security One of the most common would be hotel security. In certain areas of Los Angeles, luxury hotels will have a lot of VIP guests. These guests may be from the entertainment industry, the political class, or the financial world among others. Such persons will want to stay at a hotel that can offer a significant amount of security. Well trained hotel security staffs can definitely offer such executive protection Los Angeles. Simply hiring a watchman for certain hotel duties is fine, but there will also be instances where a higher grade of security will be needed.

executive protection Yo, Hillary: What Difference Did You Make? Posted By: Bruno Korschek

hillary clinton Young Politicians To Change India Posted By: Newschilli India is a vast, renowned country and is the most populous country having a huge majority of young educated people. In fact, nearly 50 percent of the population belongs to the under 25 years age bracket and is being governed majority by over aged politicians, to the average age is 64 of the Union council of ministers. There is no doubt that age and experience go hand in hand in the cabinet, but it is creating a big gap between those framing policies and the majority of young population. It is time now for the ruling leadership to give serious thought to bringing more young faces so that the cabinet has ministers at more acceptable levels. India politics news is high in the air owing to the political dynasty. Though, young politicians in India are in plenty of numbers, active politics dislike having their near ones in politics. The overwhelming population majority is under the age group of 35. The emergence of India reveals the paradox that the Indian political establishment appears similar to any exclusive pensioners club. The rift between the political class and the citizens is vast.

India Politics news Why You No Longer Live In A Free Country Posted By: Bruno Korschek As we start the new year, one would hope that we could look forward to better times and better lives. However, in the U.S. democracy, that might be a tall order, given the obscene growth and reach of the Federal government in this country and the politicians that operate it. Read the following observations and then you decide if you think you are still living in a free country: – You are not living in a free country if your retirement medical care, via Medicare, is dependent on the actions and whims of Federal government politicians. – You are not living in a free country if a large percentage of your retirement cash flow, via Social Security, is dependent on the actions and whims of Federal government politicians. – You are not living in a free country if your pre-retirement medical care, via the ramifications of Obama Care, is dependent on the actions and whims of Federal government politicians. – You are not living in a free country if your ability to go to college, via student loans, is dependent on the actions and whims of Federal government politicians.

freedom Why The Failed Legacy Of The Obama Administration Takes Jimmy Carter Off The Hook Posted By: Bruno Korschek

obama The Final Sign The Economic Apocalypse Is Here: Even Politicians Now Admit The Ruined Our Economy Posted By: Bruno Korschek It is no secret that the U.S. economy continues to plod along in a continued, long term economic funk: * 42 consecutive months of the official unemployment rate greater than 8%. * A combined unemployment and underemployment rate of almost 15%. * Household income that has dropped more in the three years since the recesson ended vs. the two years of the actual recession. * Household wealth that has retreated to levels last seen 17 years or so ago. * Millions of homes under water or in foreclosure proceedings. * Gasoline prces that have more than doubled since January, 2009. But consider some other bad economic trends and situations that have recently been gathered from official government sources and published by the Bankrupting America organization’s website: September, 2012 Monthly SnapShot: Federal Spending, the Economy, the Budget And Economic Facts State of the Federal Debt -National Debt: $16.06 trillion – – Debt per American including infants and kids: $51,071 – Debt per Household: $140,586 – Net Interest on the Debt: $343.

danforth How To Painlessly Remove $9 Trillion From Our $16 Trillion National Debt Posted By: Bruno Korschek Earlier this month the U.S. Federal government national debt went over the $16 TRILLION threshold during the Demcoratic national convention. This debt level is $5 TRILLION higher than when President Obama took office and will grow anywhere from about $3.4 TRILLION to over $7 TRILLION higher in the next five years if no fundamental change is made to the size, scope, and wasteful spending of the Federal government. Many credible organizations have done detailed economic scenario analyses of what might happen if nothing is done to change the current trajectory of government spending. Hyperinflation, the collapse and devaluation of the dollar, widespread unemployment, a shrinking economy, draconian cuts to government programs, etc. were part of our discussion. Truly dire consequences if we do not get government growth and wasteful spending under control soon. But there may be some hope. The following recommendations prove that getting government spending under control is possible, is relatively straight forward, is easy to understand and sell to the American public, and will minimize the economic impact on most American citizens.

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