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Pregnant mother in the end do not do Amniocentesis? The original mother – Sohu, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author Dr. dove air863 what is the amniotic fluid puncture? Amniocentesis, also called amniocentesis, pregnant women in pregnant 14 weeks to make this check can be within 20 weeks, check the doctor under sonographic guidance, the long needle puncture through the special pregnant belly and pregnant women into the uterine wall, and then into the amniotic cavity, the process of drawing a certain amount of amniotic fluid. What is the comprehensive inspection effect? 1 check whether the fetus has oppressed status in pregnancy or in the production process, because women do not care or treasure the mother of labor is too long, easily lead to fetal hypoxia or oppression, by amniocentesis can largely determine whether the fetus has oppressed. 2 to determine the sex of the fetus can be determined by the amniotic fluid chromosome to determine the sex of the fetus, and to be determined, but before the birth of a baby in the country is not a doctor can tell the baby’s mother. The 3 row of abnormal largely determine whether the fetus is normal development through the material detection in amniotic fluid can, as with other abnormal row, will be able to increase the success rate of abnormal row. 4 to determine the baby when the expected date of childbirth can not be determined in advance, through the analysis of amniotic fluid, can be more accurate to determine the degree of fetal maturity, and then determine the baby’s birth time. 5 paternity testing in pregnancy can be extracted from amniotic fluid fetal DNA cells, and then through the comparison of fetal DNA and father’s DNA to confirm the maternal fetal genetic significance of the biological father. 6 screening Down syndrome, in general, in the pre pregnancy fetus was diagnosed with high risk Down syndrome, the doctor will recommend the sheep to do the next step in the operation of the amniotic fluid of the screening test for diagnosis. What the fuck should they do? Do not generally, the couple no hereditary disease history, before the treasure the mother had no spontaneous abortion, premature birth, fetal malformation and so on, at this time, treasure the mother if more afraid to do amniocentesis, can also be three-dimensional ultrasound in fetal 20-26 weeks of pregnancy, whether the detection of fetal congenital defects. Amniotic fluid puncture is one of the most accurate method of abnormal row, Down’s screening by other means the accuracy rate of 70%, do amniocentesis examination can further increase the accuracy rate of Tang screen. Professionals recommend that doctors recommend more than 35 years of age at high risk of maternal advice to do amniocentesis. At the age of 35, the other way down after screening found that there is a sign of Down syndrome, for the sake of safety should also do amniocentesis. Some pregnant women may not have any discomfort during amniocentesis, and most pregnant women will only feel a slight pain. In short, the mother can be according to their actual situation to determine whether to do amniocentesis. The original article, shall not be reproduced without authorization, child health problem questions questions, communication, sharing, exchange "相关的主题文章:

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