Pregnant mother want to know the whole process of production, delivery to see the wonderful movies –

Pregnant mother want to know the whole process of production, to see the wonderful movies. – Sohu preview delivery maternal many pregnant mothers during pregnancy on the understanding of the impact of different modes of production for you and the baby, some pregnant mother also to reflect the doctor himself with birth expectations, but they worry about the production of time-consuming, to bear the pain. Doctor said that birth is really a challenge to the first child in pregnancy childbirth moms, learning skills, to allow your body to meet the birth, the delivery is very helpful. Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital launched this delivery rehearsal, humanized service has been more and more mothers favor. It can help expectant mothers understand the whole process of childbirth and eliminate the new service model that brings fear to the strangers. Is the hospital for maternal childbirth rehearsal simulating a complete admission and delivery, delivery process, including all aspects of the whole process from the beginning there are signs of labor, admissions, chanchuang delivery staff to do simulation, explain in detail and demonstration, make mothers understand each process is done, you need to do. This would allow the maternal labor process and be familiar with the delivery room personnel, environment and facilities, really good, eliminate due to fear of the unfamiliar. For expectant mothers, due to the lack of experience in childbirth, in the process will inevitably be nervous, overwhelmed. The doctor analysis, when mental stress, maternal consumption of oxygen increased greatly, so that the fetal oxygen affected; at the same time because mothers lack of experience may force premature, or improper, waste a lot of energy, resulting in premature fatigue, thus impeding the birth process. In order to let more mothers know the delivery room, Jilin state health by the maternity hospital delivery room will play to the screen, let you feel the delivery process can also directly at home. In September, China’s first real documentary. And you Be There Or Be Square!相关的主题文章:

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