Primary school to carry out the principal currency evaluation system can be eaten and the principal -reshacker

Carry out the "primary school principal currency evaluation system set currency and principal dining – Sohu Changchun Evening News reported on November 18th, with a common goal in Changchun City Liberation Road primary school children, that is to study hard and do well to earn the money", the "principal currency" what are the benefits.? Can, can when the flag in hand, can be free to write homework, but most children still love and the lunch! And the principal can talk about what to eat ah? How embarrassing ah? The children don’t think so! Special honour!" Yesterday, the city committee, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly held the spot, promotion of the school in the students carry out the socialist core values of education experience, "the principal currency" student evaluation system, "the news class" and other people eye-opening. Set of "principal currency" is not free to work only for the display of outstanding self "principal currency" for liberation road primary school students is the highest honor. Two years ago, the school to carry out the principal currency evaluation system, set a full set of ten principals of the students that is named as "the liberation of the elite", can be on the list". Want to get the principal currency is not easy. "Hit 10 points in order to change a ‘Campus currency’, the 10 ‘Campus currency’ in order to change a ‘principal currency’ ” in. 10 "principal currency" can be a flag in hand, but also to free holiday homework." Class C for five years, Zhang Benfang said she had used a "principal currency" for the right opportunity to flag in hand, "no one for free operation with ‘principal currency’, we all want to show themselves in front of the whole school, how proud of!" Too will play a photo, the reporter saw a lunch "principal currency" and "principal, principal currency" includes coins, coins, moral responsibility, learn coins, coins of civilization and coins, coins, coins, self-care health love coins, coins, coins of art consists of ten types of wisdom. In addition to the daily visible achievement and personal hygiene, such as responsibility, self-care, wisdom spiritual level also has a detailed, exhaustive, process quality education has seeped into each of the children’s development. Zhang Benfang told reporters, in the principal currency convertibility of the wish of the option, the popular and the principal photo, lunch, I will use the principal money and the principal had lunch." She said proudly. Talk to the headmaster for lunch and talk about IPAD, the thought of having lunch with the headmaster, how embarrassing and awkward, but the kids don’t think so. "Not at all! Happy, especially honored!" Zhang Benfang to the identity of the reporter to introduce the experience. "Last semester, I went to the headmaster to eat lunch." Zhang Ben said, I was able to mid-term exam results, eating, I asked the principal how to get good grades." The headmaster said a lot of encouraging words and ended up very well. In addition to learning, the principal also discussed with her IPAD and other electronic products. The headmaster said that can not play for a long time, the appropriate relaxation can be." Zhang Benfang said like a little adult. Current events into the classroom talk about the president of the United States a look into the classroom,相关的主题文章:

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