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Chiropractic Doctor Caldwell ID Importance Of A Primary Care Physician Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell Your primary care physician is, or should be, like a member of your extended family – not seen every day, but trusted absolutely and a reassuring presence when seen. While specialists can deal with specific health problems you may suffer from, a primary care physician can consider all aspects of the total state of your health. Not only does a primary care physician deal with common illnesses and injuries, but in cases where a specialist is needed, he or she can coordinate patient care and determine what sort of specialist the situation calls for. A primary care physician also keeps track of the health of patients on a year by year basis, spotting the early signs of heart disease, diabetes or other dangerous long-term health issues. And the demand for primary care physicians increasingly exceeds the supply. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, by 2025 the United States will need 12,000 to 31,000 more primary care physicians than it has. If you do not already have one, the best time to start looking for one is now. A primary care physician should work at a facility that offers the widest possible range of services.
Primary care physician Urgent Care Clinics Are An Important Part Of Healthcare Posted By: Shirley B. Dudley Urgent care centers have become an important part of the health care system. There are very appropriate reasons for a patient to choose an urgent care walk in clinic over other sources of health care. Ideally, it is important for everyone to have a primary care physician that completely understands his or her medical history and the uniqueness of his or her health condition. However, initially finding a doctor requires overcoming a number of hurdles. Once you choose a new primary-care doctor, you need to schedule a new-patient visit. Sometimes new patient visits are scheduled several weeks or months in the future. In the meantime, if you develop an acute problem, you cannot wait several weeks, you need immediate care. Services without waiting Nearly everyone has experienced calling a primary care doctor and the front desk staff reports that the doctor has no spots available to see you today. The staff member is trained to refer you to an emergency department or to let you find care on your own. Even when your doctor can see you on the same day, your health issue may require more care than a doctor’s office can provide.

urgent care A Walk In Clinic Is A Great Way To Get Your Flu Shot Posted By: Shirley B. Dudley Are you aware that there is a walk in clinic in Germantown that offers flu shots? This is the time of year when you will see increased coverage on the nightly news, or public service announcements reminding us how important it is to be protected for the upcoming "flu season." The flu season is a perennial event in which you and your family are at risk for what can be a very serious illness. Although the vast majority of cases are relatively mild bouts, every year, thousands of patients die from complications related to severe flu. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that most people should receive the flu vaccine early in the flu season, usually in September or October. When is flu season? Although there are times of the year when there incidence of patients who present with severe colds and flu, the flu virus never truly goes away. A "flu season" can occur anytime that environmental conditions let the microorganisms flourish and infect more people than usual. Traditionally, the time of year when we experience the greatest number of cases usually comes around December and January.

walk in clinic Primary Care Doctors And Services In Germantown, Md And Montgomery County Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell Primary care includes medical examinations, internal medicine, treatments, diagnoses, and other health services. Patients in Germantown, MD, Montgomery County, and the surrounding areas can visit their local primary care clinic for these important services. Physicals Your primary care clinic offers a number of physical examinations to suit your needs and lifestyle, including the annual, sports, pre-college, DoT, and immigration physical. The annual physical is open to all individuals, with some variations based on age and gender. In general, the annual physical involves checking the nose, eyes, ears, throat, thyroid glands, heart, lungs, abdomen, skin, joints, neck, blood pressure, height, and weight. Women may also have a breast and pelvic exam, and individuals over 40 years old my have exams for heart health. Lastly, there is a health questionnaire, which includes your use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, and illnesses, familial medical history, nutrition, and exercise habits. The sports physical is for children and teens involved in school sports that require proof of ability to play safely. The pre-college physical is a requirement of most colleges and universities before students can attend campus. The DoT physical is required of all Department of Transportation employees.

medical Primary care Primary Care In Germantown, Md And Montgomery County Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell Primary care, as the name would suggest, is the core service offered at your local primary care clinic. Typically, primary care services include overall exams, diagnoses, and treatments. Individuals in the Germantown, MD and Montgomery County areas can visit their local quality clinic for primary care services. Specific Evaluations The specific evaluations offered as part of primary care include diagnosis and care of long-term health conditions, treatments for STDs, prostate exams, breast exams, Pap smears, pregnancy tests, family planning, testing and treatment for skin disorders, lung health (Pulmonary Function Tests), heart health (ECHO, stress tests, and EKGs), and wellness exams. Primary care involves an annual physical, during which a clinic staff member will check your: nose, eyes, ears, skin, throat, joints, muscles, lungs, heart, abdomen, neck and thyroid glands, breasts, and, for women, possibly also the pelvis. Lab tests may be required, which could include tests for: STDs, tuberculosis, thyroid problems, anemia, and cholesterol. Your blood pressure, weight, and height will also be measured, and you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire.

medical Primary care Preparing Your Kids To Go Back To School Posted By: Shirley B. Dudley Next month about this time, urgent care and immediate care clinics will see a spike in the number of school aged children with colds and upper respiratory infections. That is because in all of our focus to get the kids ready for going back to school, we forget to reinforce god health habits that will help them avoid unnecessary exposure to germs. Today we are going to focus on the health concerns of going back to school. The beginning of the school year is the time when your children will make new friends and in the process, meet lots of new germs and bugs. Just watch a group of children playing together. You will notice that they are always in close contact with each other and they touch a lot of shared surfaces such as doorknobs, desktops, toys, pens, pencils, and the list goes on. The excitement and/or the dread of school can seriously affect sleep patterns and eating habits. Take a compromised immune system and add constant contact with a variety of germs and germ sources, you have a recipe for an illness that will usually go through the entire class before it runs out of steam.

walk in clinic Walk-in Monitoring Of Your Blood Pressure Posted By: Shirley B. Dudley Unfortunately, high blood pressure will become an issue for many of us before we even reach middle age. In fact, one of every three adults will be diagnosed with high blood pressure this year, and the numbers are steadily rising. Out of this group, only half of them will have their condition under control. Not only is high blood pressure, a debilitating health issue, it costs the nation $46 billion each year when you take into account the cost of health care services, medications, and missed days of work. Why blood pressure matters As impossible as it seems, nearly 400,000 Americans die every year with high blood pressure as a primary or contributing cause. That is over 1,000 deaths each day. High blood pressure increases your risk for dangerous health conditions such as: oHeart attack oStroke oChronic heart failure oKidney disease Although some risk factors for high blood pressure are driven by heredity and family history, you can take steps to prevent or to control high blood pressure and its complications.

urgent care College Physical Exams In Germantown, Md And Montgomery County Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell College physical exams are required of students prior to enrolling in college or university. Most schools require one, and it is good practice to check up on your health at this time regardless. The exam gives you a clear view into your current health status, and also helps you create a plan to maintain good health during school, while managing any issues that are uncovered. Pre-college students in the Germantown, MD and Montgomery County areas can visit their local quality clinic if they do not have a primary care physician to perform this exam, or are pressed for time. Immunizations Bring a copy of your past immunizations to the clinic, in order to ensure an accurate record. This includes all of the shots you have received, so that clinic staff can determine which ones you may be missing. Typically, colleges require you to be vaccinated against: Hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, chickenpox, mumps, German measles (rubella), polio, and measles. If you had complete vaccinations as a child, you will probably not need additional vaccinations as an adult. However, the flu shot is annual, and tetanus-diphtheria booster shots should be administered every 10 years.
College physical exam Getting A Travel Vaccination Before Your International Trip Posted By: Shirley B. Dudley This is the time of year when many people are preparing for an international journey. Part of that planning is to remember to get the proper vaccinations in order to ensure that you will remain healthy during your trip, and long after you return home. Travel vaccines are not always an option, certain vaccines are required by many countries to reduce the risk of transmission. Vaccines are also desired because they can save you from a number of disagreeable and even deadly conditions. Below we have listed some of the more common diseases you can avoid by getting the necessary travel vaccinations. Polio Polio is virtually eradicated in the United States. However, this is not the case in other countries. Polio is generally contracted through contaminated food and water. It has an incubation period of seven to 14 days. There are no preliminary symptoms in most cases. This means that a patient may suddenly develop severe signs of the disease after unknowingly spreading it to other people. Malaria Malaria is prevalent in more than 100 countries around the world, placing nearly 40% of the world’s population at risk.

Vaccinations Get Affordable And Convenient Sports Physicals At Your Urgent Care Center Posted By: Shirley B. Dudley It almost seem antithetical to talk about "to do" lists during summer vacation. However, as June comes to an end, you need to start to consider your list of things that need to be done before the end of summer and the start of the new school year. There are some items that cannot be done until just before school starts, such as buying back to school supplies. However, you can get ahead of the game by taking your family to your Germantown urgent care clinics for annual physicals and/or sports physicals. If you have a youngster that plans on participating in football this fall, it would be wise to get his sports physical as early as possible. Most football programs start training camp in August, and you can be sure that many doctor’s offices will be swamped with back to school physicals and vaccinations. Urgent care clinics are ultra convenient because you don’t need an appointment; walk-ins are welcome. Beyond sports physicals, your kids should have a physical every year, regardless of age.
Sports Physicals Building A Personal Wellness Program Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell With the unprecedented amount of obesity among the American people, it is more important than ever to create a personal wellness program. The primary challenge to doing this is that most people do not know where to start. Know your current status One of the first steps is to understand the status of your current health. You can make an appointment at primary care clinics for a full physical exam to determine if there are any health conditions which may impact your wellness program. For example, do you have a heart condition or high cholesterol? Do you easily gain or lose weight or has your overall health changed lately? Finding the time Before you begin, make sure you carve out time for yourself every day. The success of your wellness program is dependent upon you having alone time to re-energize. If you do not have time alone to meditate or re-energize, you may experience burn out and not stay committed to your wellness program. Primary care doctors, including medical doctors recommend ensuring you have the time and energy to sustain your wellness routine.
primary care Urgent Care Clinics Recognize June Is Men’s Health Month Posted By: Shirley B. Dudley June is Men’s Health Month, and we think it is time to encourage men to make PREVENTION a PRIORITY. Men live shorter lives than their female counterparts, and astonishingly, many health conditions can be prevented or detected early with regular checkups and physical screening. Regular screenings should include blood pressure, cholesterol level, blood glucose level, and prostate health. Were you aware that most of these conditions can be reduced or improved just by losing excessive body weight? Perhaps you have been thinking about it for a while, or even have gone on several diets and workout regimens, but those extra pounds just seem to come right back. Consider automotive repair, it is nice to be able to fix your car, but sometimes you must depend upon a professional mechanic because you cannot do it yourself. IT is the same with our health. Sometimes we can make the necessary changes ourselves, and sometimes we really need professional help. Drop by our walk-in clinic for a simple health screening, and consider the following tips to help you control weight. Get some exercise Even when you are outrageously busy, there are ways to get exercise in during the day.

doctor Urgent Care The Right Diagnostic Testing Can Help With Allergy Treatment Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell For many, the arrival of spring heralds the start of nice weather and flip flops. For others unfortunately, spring also brings runny noses and sneezing. The physicians at primary care clinics can perform diagnostic testing to determine which allergens are impacting you and the best treatment. They are one of the best medical clinics in Montgomery County, providing quality care to all of their patients. Tree pollen No matter where you live, the earliest pollen triggers are from budding trees. Trees begin to pollinate anywhere from February all the way through May. Molds Following winter, molds begin to come out of their dormant state as soon as the first thaw. Mold counts typically peak in summer and into fall. Preparing to survive allergy season There are several steps you can take to help get through allergy season. The first is to get allergy diagnostic testing at primary care clinics in Germantown MD to determine exactly which pollens you react to. Many who suffer from seasonal allergies are unprepared when winter ends and spring begins, bringing with it all of the pollens and molds which trigger allergic reactions.
diagnostic testing What Primary Care Can Do For You And Your Family Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell Primary care is essentially the first level of contact you will have with the health care system. This can mean visiting a health clinic, a family doctor, or a pharmacy. Primary care can also include phoning an advice line where health professionals give out information and answer questions. Primary care also includes providing patients the tools to take charge of their own health. Primary care focuses on treating short-term medical issues, as well as managing longer term health problems. Primary care focuses on teaching patients how to prevent illness and injury. Primary care objectives Primary care is about a team approach to health care. Primary care associates in Germantown, Maryland is a perfect example of how a team of healthcare professionals can provide quick, thorough and seamless health care to their patients. The healthcare team provides total healthcare to its patients all in one place. Complete with a state-of-the-art laboratory and physical therapy clinics are truly a one-stop-shop for their healthcare patients. When you seek primary care at a clinic, all of your health care professionals are in one place minimizing the time you spend on getting diagnosis and treatment.
primary care The Importance Of Sports Physicals Posted By: Shirley B. Dudley It’s time for spring sports and you might have a middle school or high school athlete who needs to complete the Pre-Participation Physical in order to participate. If your primary care physician is overbooked, or you cannot schedule a timely appointment, bring your child into your local Urgent Care Center for the required sports physical. Most of us look at this as a mere formality, a minor hurdle that must be made when your child only wants to play ball or go to camp. Without sounding overly dramatic, the reality is that a sports physical for your child might save her or his life. The purpose of pre participation physicals Pre-participation physical exam is intended to screen these young camp attendees and athletic competitors for undetected health issues that may pose a risk when they play intense sports. The approach is to rule out or evaluate any medical conditions, or provide treatment before your child competes or participates.
Sports physicals Diagnostic Testing And The Dangers Of Living With High Blood Sugar Posted By: Shirley B. Dudley Did you realize that the best urgent care centers in Germantown are working on the front lines in the battle against diabetes? According to the Center for Disease control, diabetes affects more than 29 million people in the United States. That is an astounding 10 percent of the population. Diabetes is the medical term for a group of metabolic diseases which causes individuals to have high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period. If an individual’s blood sugar levels are high over a long enough time period, it will have serious effects on many parts of the body. Diabetes is associated with such complications as heart disease, stroke, loss of vision, circulation problems, and kidney failure. Type II diabetes Type II diabetes is distinctive as a disease that prevents the cells of the body from using insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone that is produced in the pancreas. It let the body’s cells use the sugar in the blood stream for energy. When insulin cannot do its job, or there is not a sufficient amount of insulin, the cells of the body cannot get the glucose needed. This will cause high levels of sugar to build up in the blood.

diagnostic testing Children And Vaccinations: Prevention For Future Diseases Posted By: Helen Phillips Cockrell There are 12 potentially serious diseases which vaccinations can help prevent. These are mumps, measles, rubella or German measles, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, chicken pox, haemophilus influenza type b, and hepatitis B, hepatitis A, and pneumococcal disease. Children need at least one vaccination for each of these diseases and for some, they will need several shots in order to be protected. This can certainly add up to many shots, with several typically given at one time. There are several combination vaccines which can be given in a single vaccination, reducing the total number of shots required to completely vaccinate a child. The primary care physicians will help you decide when the best time is to vaccinate your child. Why are some vaccinations given so young? Many vaccinations are done at an early age because this is when the diseases are likely to strike. Some of these diseases are also much more serious if contracted by an infant or young child. Additionally, some of these diseases are common in childhood. For example, more than 60 percent of influenza type B occurs in children younger than 12 months of age.
vaccinations Urgent Care Work Injury Treatment Posted By: Shirley B. Dudley Urgent care clinics provide outstanding patient care that is convenient, affordable health care for families and for those who need work injury treatment. There is not always a need for emergency room services, but often we are faced with urgent situations that cannot wait until our doctor’s office is open. The following are only a few of the services that you can expect from an urgent care clinic: oDiagnostic imaging, CT Scans, X-rays, and ultrasound oTrauma treatment and wound care oDiagnostic lab work and blood testing oTreatment of ear, nose, and throat problems oOrthopedic care, fractures, and joint care Whether it is personal care for your family or worker’s compensation treatment; you and your family will receive the best care from a dedicated staff and team of compassionate physicians. When you need medical care and cannot see your doctor right away, urgent care should be the first choice for all your health care needs. On-the-job work injuries Unfortunately, accidents can happen at the job.

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