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Private gangster disk UT Starcom PHS can leveraging three new board to take off? Sina finance three new board hearing recently, the application of three new board listed companies in the list and usher in a star, UT starcom. Perhaps you are not familiar with this company, but twenty years ago, his fame is no less than today’s Ali, Japan’s richest man Sun Zhengyi in China’s first investment project is the company. In 1997, the PHS business in China rise time, UT Starcom joint Zhejiang Yuhang District Bureau of R & D and the official opening of PHS, PHS advantage depends on the one-way low-cost rapid fire all over the country and in the process of rapid expansion to make fast. Subsequently, the PHS mobile communication time was gradually abandoned, disappeared. After 20 years, there has been no dazzling aura UT Sidakang struck again, and select the new board. This time, how will he play? The area of the main business focus of Internet TV and new media to hang on board IPTV OTT king? PHS was a miracle. As a pioneer in the PHS, PHS rely on one-way low fees to move rapidly to the whole country and get huge investment from Softbank and Intel. In March 2000, UT Starcom holdings successfully listed on nasdaq. In August 2002, the PHS Internet users exceeded 6 million, covering more than and 200 city; in March 2004, the number of PHS users exceeded 47 million, covering 355 of the city; in August 2006, PHS more than 100 million users worldwide, of which domestic users reached 93 million. Heyday, PHS has brought $2 billion 593 million in annual revenue for the UT Starcom, about 21 billion 300 million yuan. However, with the development of mobile communication era, PHS gradually abandoned. In 2011, PHS delisting officially make way for the 3G, the Ministry was "off the shelf". Over reliance on the UT Starcom PHS business will inevitably fall into recession. The turbulent UT Sidakang, was reorganized in 2012 will change the original IPTV OTT business and PHS business stripped out, set up a separate UT Chinese. IPTV OTT business is the Internet TV services business, set up a separate UT Chinese inherited "UT Sidakang" trademark in the Chinese. After a few years, UT Starcom made a strategic adjustment, to enter the television and video cloud services, the establishment of the IPTV business; in 2012 UT Sidakang conducted business reorganization, UT Chinese independence; and UT Starcom overseas business development, to the NASDAQ listing. In 2015 revenues of one hundred million private equity chiefs after hours moved to the new board? UT China is committed to the field of Internet TV and new media, the main customers in the field of network convergence under the network operators and content operators. Then set the UT Starcom and lead it to a series of changes is a private equity chiefs – Capital Partners in Huangshi Lu ying. Currently, Lu eagle and his wife together hold 83.01% stake in China UT. 2014,, and 1-4 months in 2015, UT China相关的主题文章:

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