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Pro MacBook innovation weakness? Talk about Cook’s awkward innovation and accessories economics – Sohu technology last night, apple held Hello Again (again about a special conference), released a new MacBook Pro. Whether to start learning a year N China manufacturers conference, or the product information will be fully spoilers before release, let us feel the apple today had no past style, is becoming mediocre. However, Apple’s special conference or let it appear to have some special, that is, I saw Uncle Cook’s awkward forced innovation and interface economics. The introduction of the new MacBook Touch Bar touch bar to become the biggest highlight of the Pro. The elimination of all kinds of interfaces instead of taking a unified Type-C interface is also a huge change. The configuration has been fully upgraded to become faster, lighter, thinner, and have a better screen, better speakers. If there is anything new, mainly two: apple is called Amazing Multi-Touch Bar, as well as a unified interface to Type-C. I do not think that only the notebook computer or mobile phone into Pentagon, to join the third lens is innovation. However, Apple’s new MacBook Pro into Multi-Touch Bar and the unified interface to the Type-C approach, in my opinion there is poetry that worry "feeling, as in the iPhone 7 3.5mm headset hole wiped out the way I called it" Cook’s awkward type forced innovation". Why do you say that? Touch will become small with the 3D-Touch new MBP F series key original removed, replaced by a touch is a Retina screen, in this article can be carried out on the touch of unlimited imagination custom actions, for drawing, DJing, viewing and so on, look very revolutionary, brought a new interactive mode after the keyboard + mouse + touch pad for notebook computer. However, this is just what it looks like. This design is faced with at least a few questions: 1, force users to change the operating habits, we use the computer typing what is very convenient, basically has achieved comfortably, rarely look at the keyboard, TouchBar now means that we have to look at the screen at the same time will be transferred to the bottom, it will distract attention, is not conducive to the improvement of production efficiency. 2, based on the F* shortcut keys have many applications support, programmers working groups have been accustomed to using these shortcuts, and because it is the entity key, they are comfortably in the use of the mode of operation, without eyes off the screen. Now, this operation will be apart, MBP gave up this part of the user, or forced to change their needs. 3, for ordinary users, the use of the notebook computer itself is not accustomed to the shortcut keys, Touch Bar will not used because the distance from the fingers too相关的主题文章:

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