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The protection of children’s creativity, vigilance talent class – Sohu author Li Xinpin Kay | maternal uncle said kaishushuo we all want our children to creative thinking, but also hope to help children develop creativity. Because experience tells us that creative people are more likely to keep up with the development of the times, in the work can be better to play their talents. However, in reality, mothers are usually more concerned about their children’s academic achievements, talent skills, because these are visible, tangible, they have a standard of judgment. And creativity is not good judgment, and it is difficult to start, we are afraid of doing bad but undermine the child’s creativity. So how to cultivate creativity? Because the working relationship, I am very close to the idea, so I will try to keep their children’s eyes. Why? Because the most creative people are children. Creativity is the innate ability of every child. Let the child’s creativity to develop smoothly, we need to learn is not to do for the child, but do not do". Every man is born, as if he came to an unknown world, from life itself with the driving force to explore the world. A baby learns to command his hands and feet, and slowly learns to look at the world with his eyes. It is a very natural process, and he will explore the world in the most creative ways, so long as it doesn’t stop him. No matter what the way we teach children, try to talk to him before returning to the child’s point of view. We say this, if we are children, hear these words, to see the expression of adults, adults feel the energy, what will we feel? I’ve watched a lot of kids and their interactions with their parents. Most of the time, parents are at high levels of anxiety and insecurity. This kind of unconscious anxiety and insecurity will bring the child, the child will become very anxious. This is the first thing parents have to deal with: be sure to turn your emotions into a safe, trusting, quiet frequency. One of the typical manifestations of anxiety is that we think we can "encourage" children with good intentions". This seems to encourage children to progress, in fact, he is not doing the thing. Such encouragement will become the child’s internal Trojan program". The Trojan horse attack his adult, let him always feel not good enough, but also can improve, to do better on their own, causing him to not accept present yourself, always full of pressure and anxiety. Creativity, is the most relaxed, feel the most secure, do not worry about mistakes, will be the biggest burst out. If you always feel not good enough, but also better, work carefully, anxious and fearful, lest make a little mistake, creativity will atrophy. So, we can give the child the greatest encouragement, not "you can better", but trust the child: "you are good enough". If there are countless ways to stimulate children’s creativity, and countless skills.相关的主题文章:

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