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Qingdao is now the best step "ghost car": no car on the charge head terror, according to the excellent pace of the people introduced, this is malicious start journey liar! These super step driver’s head pictures are modified by computer, which is synthesized by computer! The driver is probably virtual, and there is no such driver! So solemn reminder: if you encounter head is black mouth black, or yuho face twisted driver, immediately cancel the order! If you are charged, please return the money in the following way! (this is the right way to push Qingdao WeChat public number) 1. Open the client and find your problem trip 2. Click [need help] 3. [feedback related to the owner] 4. Click on [I booked the vehicle, but failed to get on the car] 5. Submit your problem, the system can give you automatically solve Island Island, according to the best step of the right way to view and find, "I booked the car, but failed to sit on the car" this is not, and the best step and no artificial customer service. In addition, the question that needs to be questioned is how such a horrible head has been audited It should now appear many times, just follow the steps to apply for refund passengers, can fundamentally solve the problem? This should be the best thing to solve, but passed on to the consumer, and no matter who has experienced such a situation, will be scared to death, okay? Recently, the Qingdao people’s circle of friends are forwarding this matter, in the eastern business circle and Taitung business district is particularly easy to encounter similar events. The following is the circle of friends of everyone on this matter is discussed here

青岛现优步“幽灵车”:没上车就扣款 头像恐怖   据优步方面的人介绍,这是恶意开始行程的骗子!这些优步司机的头像图片经过电脑修改,是电脑合成的!司机很可能是虚拟的,根本就没有这么一位司机!所以郑重提示:如果遇到头像是黑嘴黑脸,或者面部扭曲的优步司机,立即取消订单!   如果被扣款,请按照下面的方式把钱找回来!(这是优步青岛微信公众号推送的维权方法)   1。打开客户端找到你出现问题的那一趟行程   2。点击[需要帮助]   3。选择[与车主相关的反馈]   4。点击[我预约了车辆但未能坐上车]   5。提交您的问题,系统就能给你自动解决   岛岛根据优步的维权方式查看发现,“我预约了车辆但未能坐上车”这一项根本就没有,而且优步并没有人工客服。   另外,这里需要质疑优步的是,这么恐怖的头像是怎么通过审核的?而且这种情况现在来看应该出现很多次了,仅仅靠乘客按照步骤申请退费,能从根本上解决问题吗?   本应是优步解决的事情,却转嫁给了消费者,而不论谁经历了这样的情况,都会吓个半死好吗?   近日,青岛人的朋友圈里都在转发这件事,在东部商圈和台东商圈尤其容易遇到类似事件。以下是朋友圈里大家对这件事的讨论↓相关的主题文章:

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