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Qiu Yi talks about the Kuomintang reborn: non key assets "VAT culture". – Taiwan Channel – people.com.cn original title: Qiu Yi on the property of Rebirth: the focus of the non – "VAT culture". Chinese Taiwan network October 14th news according to the "Taiwan ETTV cloud" reports, the DPP won power, and in the "Legislative Yuan" the most advantage through the so-called "improper Property Ordinance", to recover the assets of the Kuomintang, the KMT made no party in September salary. The former "legislator" Qiu Yi 13, the Kuomintang to ashes, to the real property itself, not the focus of deceptive "VAT culture" that is really terrible. Qiu Yi said that the KMT lost power does not matter, but Cai Yingwen is determined to set the Kuomintang to death. At the end of the occasion, but also the incumbent party chairman Hong Xiuzhu wore helmets to go forward, create some enthusiasm. Of course, the usual popular hot drink is hung a vested interest, not pleasing to the eye. Although not in a flagrant way attack, but the three is not five acid a few words, or anonymous in the media to put a blow, also really uncomfortable. "Property is not the point," deceptive VAT culture "is the real life is", said Qiu Yi, the Kuomintang to ashes, to truly reborn, first by those who represent the "VAT culture" in the old, old, old, take the lead to start it! These people are not the party’s vested interest class, are all quite wealthy, very honored the first donation to save a cut above others, take the lead in the party. To fight, but also by these people take the lead in charge of bleeding, the first defendant jailed. Qiu Yi finally said, if so, the Kuomintang can be saved, but also stage a comeback. However, "I really want more, all had a fond dream. Go to sleep, scene of a beautiful dream ". (Chinese Taiwan network (Gao Xu) Wang Ying (Internship), commissioning editor: Chang Hong)相关的主题文章:

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