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Games Splash down in the cool blue lily pond as you surf your way to victory! Quackers Maze is a fun-filled maze-themed game designed for kids and adults, of all sizes and shapes! The game features a small lily pond where you start off as a dolphin. There are cute and awesome stages to choose from, as well as characters with each having unique sounds, expressions, and sets of skills. You may feel like playing as the fuzzy, yellow duck that bobs along the waves to his destination or you may like the slippery, laid-back frog who eagerly hops his way through the lily pads to claim his prizes! The adorable turtle swims along to beat his opponents and the eager dolphin wont stop at anything until he meets his goals! The main objective of the game is to collect as many coins as you can throughout the ponds by tapping in the direction you want your aquatic animal to go to, though the distance to which you can direct your animal is only quite limited, so the player needs to strategize first before he makes a move. After collecting sufficient coins, the next objective is to find the gem of the stage, which is often strategically located from the furthest path in the maze. Locating and obtaining this important piece of artefact allows the player to proceed to the next level. Tip: The player can still proceed to the next stage even if he hasnt collected all the coins. But this wouldnt be a good move since coins are quite vital in Quackers Maze. With coins to use, the player can purchase and unlock certain characters, such as a duck, a frog, and a turtle, all animals having its own unique attributes and advantages in the game. The player will also need coins to unlock later stages in the game. In lieu of stages, there are a total of 3 stages available in the game, Easy, Medium, and Hard. In order to proceed to the later stages, the player needs to purchase them using coins. The skills that need to be developed here are perseverance and patience. Certain amounts of coins are required to be collected, and as the player progresses through the later levels, harder stages and more complicated mazes are sure to be witnessed. Due to this, do not be easily swayed if you find the early stages too easy. For the next ones are sure to pose more challenges, harder and more complicated mazes, and bigger ponds! Learn to save up and earn coins. And if the need to spend is crucial, do spend these coins wisely, as these coins arent that easily obtainable. All aquatic characters possess unique abilities in the game, and the player should know to discern how to use each of the characters unique abilities to his advantage in order to gain an upper hand in solving the maze, collecting all the coins inside the lily pond, and getting the gem of the stage. The game is naturally fast-paced, since the player had only an allotted time of two minutes per stage, so haste and precision in tapping is vital to successfully pass each stage. Reaad more about it: .quackersapp.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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