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To improve the quality of a new bright spot in the market of Xinjiang cotton nucotn annual listing price is more optimistic about the futures Daily reporter recently, the cotton production situation in Xinjiang new year with the relevant agencies and professionals of the exchange. Obvious features from the new year Xinjiang cotton market, showing a continued drop, increase the yield of area characteristics, quality improvement, cotton ginning factory, cautious optimism. Among them, the cotton quality will change the supply structure of the domestic cotton market, cotton prices boost the overall rise, increasing income of farmers. Xinjiang area cotton acreage continued to decline according to the futures Daily reporter survey, 2014 Xinjiang area of cotton planting area of 29 million acres, 2015 acreage decreased 4 million 650 thousand acres to 24 million 350 thousand acres this year, planting area of 1 million 500 thousand acres to 22 million 850 thousand acres of lower and lower. From the reason of cotton acreage continued to decline, in 2014 and 2015 is the key to seed cotton purchase price is too low, and the two year Xinjiang province also appeared disastrous weather, causing cotton yield decreased, which was to reduce income of farmers, some farmers in order to reduce the loss of cotton planting area, and replant crops of corn, wheat etc.. At the end of 2015 since the cotton prices continue to rise the occasion, why this year’s cotton acreage will continue to decline? Unlike two years ago, the decline is caused by the local planting structure adjustment, let not the exit area of cotton cotton, as soon as possible to the development of agricultural production. Earth futures research and development director Zhou Wenke told reporters, according to the September 1 – 8 survey of the cotton market in Xinjiang, the new year’s largest cotton production areas in china. They involve the survey of Xinjiang cotton production this year cotton planting area of about 18 million acres, accounting for Xinjiang cotton planting area of 78.8%, is expected to yield 3 million 40 thousand tons, than expected yield over the same period last year, an increase of 70 thousand tons. 2015, the region of cotton planting area of about 19 million acres, accounting for about 78% of the total area of cotton in Xinjiang in 2015, the output of 2 million 970 thousand tons, accounting for about 90% of the total cotton in Xinjiang, the total amount of 3 million 540 thousand tons. "According to our survey, the area of cotton this year average yield equivalent to 168.4 kg lint after mu, in 2015 the average yield of 156.7 kg per mu, the average yield increased by 11.7 kg per mu, an increase of 7.45%, according to an average of 40 fold synthesis of cotton lint and seed cotton yield per unit area increased about 30 kg per mu." Zhou Wenke said, the cotton yield increase mainly in the production and Construction Corps, the local cotton yield little change. Zhou Wenke said, according to the usual estimation experience, combined with the present situation in Xinjiang this year, the actual cotton acreage may be higher than the institutions involved in cotton statistics, this year is expected to Xinjiang cotton yield in 3 million 600 thousand to 3 million 800 thousand tons. This year, Xinjiang cotton quality is obviously better than in previous years, it is understood that since the temporary storage of cotton target price policy and market policy implementation in Xinjiang cotton market, local authorities and farmers in order to enhance the market competitiveness of cotton in Xinjiang, improve the Xinjiang cotton market theory相关的主题文章:

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