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Quantum circuit KIT: Germany’s first current excitation source is the advent of Sohu technology because the carbon nanotube diameter less than a hair thin, to become the best choice of quantum circuits of small light source, laser irradiation with carbon nanotubes, they will make a lot of single photon. But because the existing chip contains all electrical components, do not accept additional excitation laser system, the carbon nanotubes emit laser technology is difficult to integrate into the existing photonic chip, restricted conditions for the development of quantum computer. In September 29, Beijing science and technology daily (reporter Nie Cuirong) the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) official website announced on 27 May, the team of international scientists led Poland and Russian scientists, solve a major limitation photonic circuit used in optical quantum computer, the first successful a complete quantum optical structure integrated on chip. Published in "nature of · the latest achievements of photonics" magazine will help quantum computer early for data encryption, data calculation and highly complex system of ultrafast quantum simulation etc.. The new study uses carbon nanotubes to stimulate a single photon. The research team using carbon nanotubes as single photon sources and detectors as superconducting nanowires, carbon nanotubes and two detectors are connected with nano photonic waveguide, light structure made of liquid helium refrigeration, can emit a single photon counts. The device can be integrated into an existing chip. IT nanotechnology expert Ralph · Kreuk said: "our circuit is a great progress in quantum computer field, now we can fully use the current stimulus nanotubes emit single photon, overcome the factors which hinder the use of quantum computer."相关的主题文章:

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