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Legal It may be a sad fact, but California State is one of the many states having escalating count of divorce cases in the country of United States of America. In this case, the separated couples and the residents of the state can request a copy of their California Public Divorce Records . They can also access to other vital documents filed within the state. Another interesting fact of this state is that this region possesses the first rank of largest count of inhabitant according to the 2011 statistics of United States Census Bureau. The recent estimation of population in California is approximately 37,691,912 of people. Divorce is the termination of marriage contract with the prerogative of the court. It explains the details of their new privileges and responsibilities. It includes the division of their assets and personal possessions. It also explains the custody of their children and their individual obligations towards them despite the situation. Annulment is not a surprising event in some places of the country. There are certain states where cases of legal separation are high and several marital relationships just end up in divorce. The California Department of Public Health Vital Records manages divorce cases among other vital documents registered in the state. The said office cannot issue certified copies of the records. They can only provide Certificate of Record for incidents dated from 1962 until June 1984. It is important to remember that the Certificate of Record does not substitute the legal copy of the divorce decree. It only verifies that such divorce is listed within the records of the government office. Certified copies of this kind of dossiers can only be requested from the superior court in the county where the case was filed. Certified authorized copy and certified informational copy are two kinds of documents that are released by the Vital Records Office of the California Department of Health. Request forms are available at the website of the said government office. After getting the form, the applicant must supply all necessary information required in the paper. This is important in order to release the accurate copy of the wanted file. The application form is mailed to California Department of Public Heath, Vital Records MS 5103, P.O. Box 997410, Sacramento, CA 95899-7410. It is important to include the payment in mailing the form in order to process the request. The County Recorder Office provides services in processing your requested document. It will be processed much faster than the California Department of Public Health. The latter office has lots of files stored in the office which needs time to perform the search. The processing fee in requesting annulment files costs $13 per copy. The payment method is through checks or money orders which are payable to California Department of Public Health. Cash payments are avoided especially for requests sent through mails. Modern facilities are integrated in the services offered by some companies. Looking up of essential documents is possible with the use of online access. Several authentic online companies offer Free Divorce Records in their search services. Performing this method gives you a lot of time to accomplish other tasks aside from the search. It allows you do the search conveniently and easy with the use of technological devices. The effort of visiting offices and determine the availability of your desired reports are minimized, since it can be accessible with the use of online access. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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