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"Reds" original manufacturing IP development director Luo Shixiong Pro Xian "first time" – Sohu entertainment Luo Shixiong recorded "Reds"   manufacturing;   Sohu entertainment news recently, "the Reds" in the manufacturing production stage of late director Luo Shixiong personally wildly beating gongs and drums, as the theme song of the same name film recording film theme song – "Reds". "Reds" is making the big movie network in order to focus on the net, red star red form decryption network "as the theme of the international supermodel, Li Zhen, singer Li Zhenhang, Zhu Xinnan young cartoonists such as Reds have worked in the film cameo. Luo Shixiong gave the "first time" according to the post production cross when the singer shoudaoqinlai "Reds" crew revealed for the film making, the director Luo Shixiong gave his first screen singing his film, cross became the singer. This song is composed of lyricist, composer Jiang Nanyin who visit the movie theme song of the same name — "Reds". It is the first time for the upcoming debut concert, but Luo Shixiong is not strange, even as the professional level. It is understood that Luo Shixiong was born in 1989, seven years of classical guitar has been studied, the shelf drum for the past three years, a year piano, high school also organized a pop metal band. So, after the end of the recording, Luo Dao has repeatedly stressed that his main business is bud vision director, fashion photographer and creative director of, not because of the neglect of their own work. After all, his "favorite or watching the world in lens". The movie "production" of the Reds accumulated original IP covered field development since 2009 graduated from the Photography Department of Beijing Film Academy, Luo Shixiong began an independent director of advertising and MV. In 2012, he worked as a photographer and a contemporary young artist to work in Switzerland, shoot contemporary works, and publish books and art exhibitions. These experiences are now "Reds" guide manufacturing IP project development, Luo shot and produced enough experience and experience. In the "Reds" made in the post production process, but also by the famous host Li Xia Luo Dao Rong founded the arts education to invite guest lecturers. Luo Shixiong put his own shooting experience and years of experience, to share more interested in the film and television industry for young people, many students have said: benefit". "Reds" manufacturing is a "network +" original ecological IP project, namely the big movie network as the core, planned and produced a documentary of the same name, the theme song of the same name MV and the book of the same name; the documentary of the same name, theme song, MV network movie will be on September after another on-line broadcast.相关的主题文章:

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