Rogue Andy Lau Hsu Chi issued a notice to the European Indiana-remonstrate

"Rogue" Andy Lau Hsu Chi issued a notice to the European Sina Indiana Stephen Fung’s "Grand Alliance Entertainment News" in Prague before the day after shooting, the film side announced the first movie trailer. Trailer, Andy Lau, Hsu Chi, and so on, and let ·, Renault five starring starring debut, such as starring in the official exposure of the star, such as Tony Yang, Sha Yi, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as Eric Tsang, and so on. French veteran actor · Reynolds appeared for the first time the Chinese film, Andy Lau, Hsu Chi, Tony Yang and the thief three group fierce duel around the mysterious treasures "Gaia". Trailer to see only a small part full of tension grand larceny outsmart rare treasures "Grand Theft Auto Union" is directed by Stephen Fung to the United States shot "wasteland" after returning to Chinese film first works, inspired by the story happened a few years ago at the Cannes Film Festival theft. "Grand Theft Auto Union" tells the story of sea-robbers Zhang Dan (Andy Lau ornaments) after his release came back, teamed up with old partner Andy (Tony Yang) and Ye Hong (Shu Qishi), in the pursuit of their years of French detective Pierre (· Reynolds ornaments) chase across Europe, steal treasures "Gaia" story. Although there are only a few seconds, but the rhythm of compact, high-speed clips of the Pilot Trailer still revealed a lot of information. Zhang Dan walked out of the prison, Pierre seems to have "waiting for", a short conversation revealed a hostile relationship between two people nervous. Chinese movie star Andy Lau and the French guy let · Reynolds is looking forward to working together for the first time. In the trailer, Hsu Chi and Tony Yang jointly staged a large number of action scenes, signs of danger appearing everywhere. The two first drive and let · Reynolds in southern France in the winding road race each other, and in the mountains of Czech and driving motorcycle escape heavy firepower armed to kill, Andy Lau had to take a backup plan to ensure smooth operations. Mysterious treasures appear in the movie "Gaia" becomes the ultimate goal of all look at fiercely as a tiger does. Several other starring Zhang Jingchu, Eric Tsang and in the trailer to keep the mystery of the role played by the fans, the position is difficult to ponder the identity of the. Stephen Fung "East" Hollywood’s top team to join the alliance "has produced by the" rogue "face" "mission impossible 2" Zhang Jiazhen as a producer, starring Andy Lau as the producer. As Stephen Fung from the return of the Hollywood Chinese film the first masterpiece, "Grand Alliance" will create a first-class team behind the effort by the Hollywood. In the popular AMC drama "wilderness" shooting closely with Stephen Fung the famous photographer Sean · Hal Butt (Shane Hurlbut) served as the "Grand Alliance" director of photography, after he has for the "Terminator 4" "need for speed", making palm mirror. The famous French stunt director Michel · the Giuliani team will be responsible for the design and implementation of video speed scenes, Giuliani has worked with Luc · Besson in "" death "express" hurricane rescue "" body "and the film has worked, is Besson’s stunt team. International team will be presented for the film相关的主题文章:

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