Russia’s three neighboring countries compete for Chinese transit cargo Russian media no threat to Si-soulseek

Russia’s three neighbors for China transit freight is not a threat to Russian media: Siberia railway picture: in Jiangsu Province, Lianyungang port in the Eurasian Continental Bridge railway line station to the Kazakhstan transit container loading (June 27, 2014). Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Can Russian media said the Kazakhstan railway company issued a press announcement that Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia three days before the railway departments signed the relevant documents form a "trans Caspian international transportation channel Association". This is intended to promote the construction of road facilities across the country, to build the most important transport corridor in eurasia. Russia’s "news" published in October 13th entitled "the Chinese transit freight is becoming increasingly fierce competition" reported that the main work of the association is to attract more foreign trade and transit goods, development along logistics products. In order to enhance the competitiveness, it also needs to solve a series of technical problems, breaking the administrative barriers. Experts believe that it is precisely because of the existence of these bottlenecks, so that the transit corridor across the Caspian Sea temporarily unable to form a strong competitive threat to russia. Reported that the Russian Siberia railway transportation coordination committee secretary Changgen Gennady · Bessonov pointed out: "the launch of this line is known, it set up a committee to transport test, but there is no stable flow. Only the technical conditions mature, in order to attract freight. This is a crucial factor. Cross Strait International Transport Corridor is not yet mature and stable logistics and transport processes." Bessonov analysis, the new channel is brewing in the face a lot of difficulties, it is not just the specific direction in three countries, due to the inclusion of the Caspian sea ferry transport links, so the need for additional loading and unloading operations. Ferry links increase the accurate prediction of freight cycle difficulty, and through the southern port shipping price is not high, it takes about 35 days to sum up in a word, "the cross in the sea in price and time competitive advantage is to talk about". Study on the problem of Russian railway transportation director Pavel · Evan king also believes that the Caspian Sea Line temporarily does not constitute a competitive threat, because of the use of the ferry, due to different gauge replacement wheels will only bring extra overhead, "the main disadvantage of this route is limited and the price of infrastructure. Now, it seems more like a political rather than a purely transport project, of course, we can not ignore it". According to Evan King assessment, if all infrastructure obstacles can be solved, this line can bear the annual freight volume of nearly 5 million tons, but it reached the load time no earlier than 2020". Bessonov found that the Siberia railway is currently no competitors, it is the process of security and services are quite perfect, freight cycle is also extremely accurate. The Russian Railway Company Logistics Group Sales Executive Alexander · baskakova said: "at present, from most parts of China goods, if the use of speed after the container train, arrived in Europe took an average of 14 days." At present, the direction of the flow of goods is doubling every year, the total amount of transit transport in Europe – in the direction of about 120 thousand)相关的主题文章:

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