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Said automatic car Shuang open its fatal flaw: you don’t know that driving automatic car fuel-efficient 30% seems to do buy a car to work than a wife more easily. After all, our car is the mistress What one says is plausible. ah! Now when people buy a car on automatic more, because the automatic transmission does not need the manual shift with effort and worry. Especially in the peak commuting time stop and go, the crisp manual brought simply minutes to put the Wen Shunxiao forced into serious wolf in sheep! But is it really a perfect lover? Original, some of its shortcomings is also appropriate to be rejected! 1, automatic car repair and maintenance of automatic transmission is more expensive than cheap, but its manual models will be more expensive, generally equipped with equivalence up to ten thousand dollars. Also, the automatic structure is messy, high-grade goods must be delicate, the maintenance cost is also higher. 2, automatic block fuel consumption is also higher than the manual block because the automatic transmission is through the torque converter to transfer power to the rear of the variable structure. Hydraulic transmission is not as good as the manual gear transmission directly, in the process of transmission will lose some power, waste fuel than manual block to more. 3, the trailer can not make the driving wheel to the ground within the automatic transmission parts of large and small parts of the engine through the engine oil pump operation, the onset of oil pressure to moisten each other. Parking in the state, the engine does not work, the automatic transmission will be part of the lubrication is not in place. It is hard, brings harm to the transmission is very large. 4, the start of slow response, overtaking a car in order to facilitate the operation of the delay, reduce driver fatigue, shift operation by computer control. If we only need the manual transmission car, live hand is good enough, you can jump directly to the 3 file 5 file. The automatic car is a decent boy, it will seriously in accordance with the shift logic to shift a gear, a gear so that when one, we need to speed the hysteresis phenomenon is inevitable! 5, fun than the manual transmission car and most people put the car as a means of transport are not the same, some drivers are more interactive and enjoy the people and cars, car circles have the car one insolent seekers. Start slow response, overtaking acceleration is sluggish, their body parts can not participate in such a speed and enthusiastic pursuit, which seems to be unable to control the fans unbearable.相关的主题文章:

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