Samsung Gear new smart watch experience longer life (video)

The new Samsung Gear smart watch experience: longer battery life Tencent digital news (Wang Yuehan) Samsung Corp recently released a new Gear S3 smart watches, as the Gear S2 upgrade model, the new Gear S3 two models, Frontier version and Classic version, the two version than the previous generation Gear S2, not only display even more, the battery capacity is also higher function than previous generations of products more abundant. Samsung Gear S3 start evaluation: can be used separately from the phone! Here, we mainly introduce the Classic version, compared with the Frontier version, Classic version is not much different. The difference is that the Classic version uses a stainless steel body, the appearance is more shiny silver, while the Frontier version increased LTE network function, can achieve high-speed 4G mobile network connection. Although the two versions of the S3 belong to the same model, but they have their own characteristics, the Samsung smart watches to upgrade to a new height, perhaps in the near future, these two versions will form a certain competition. Design and screen first saw Gear S3 Classic smart watch, the first impression is it than the previous version of the S2 dimension of some parameters, a careful study of the comparison, the new Gear S3 size is 1.3 inches, and the generation of the Gear S2 size is 1.2 inches, the two generation smart watch screen use the same Super AMOLED technology. Even the two generation watch resolution is the same, is 360× 360, but due to different screen sizes, so the two watches on the number of pixels per inch (PPI) will be some differences, although the company has not announced PPI smart watch parameters. In any case, the appearance of this watch is very gorgeous, we tried to experience the next function and found that it is the way to operate and other smart watches compared to some differences. Samsung Corp explained to us that a new watch improved magnetic ring dial disc accessories, feels better, although some dial size increases, but the operation is more comfortable than the previous generation of products. A new watch keeps and designs on the same generation, but the use of silver frame to replace the black border, two crown in the side of the watch, but they are not able to rotate, only two can press the button. So, the new watch in the end than the previous generation S2 how much? The size of the Gear S3 Classic is 46× 49× 12.9 mm, which means that the new watch is wider than the previous generation by 3 mm, and the thickness is also increased by a factor of 1 mm. Weight also increased from the previous generation of 42 grams to 57 grams, see these contrast data, compared to you have been able to feel the difference between the size of the two generation watch it. After the release of the new watch, Samsung Corp did not stop the previous generation of smart watches S2 shipments, but took a price cut to clean up the inventory of S2, which did not give consumers more choice. If someone would ask the editors!相关的主题文章:

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