Sandra Ng exposes kissed Nicholas Tse six years old was holding his kiss christie stevens

Sandra Ng exposes kissed Nicholas Tse: six years old was holding his kiss blew Sandra Ng kissed Nicholas Tse Beijing on November 5th news, according to Hongkong, Ming Pao Daily News, Nicholas Tse starred in TV program of "12 Feng taste 3", a new set of guest self Sandra Ng and Nicholas Tse "kiss" experience, make the shy hurriedly stop. Another guest Li Ronghao show cooking, let has always been strict for Nicholas Tse is surprised. Sandra Ng and Nicholas Tse described the relationship greatly, she worked in the past "12 Golden Duck" as the show, Nicholas Tse presented to "bromance". Experience in "front 3" taste her greater blow his and Nicholas Tse’s "kiss", can be traced back to the age of 6 when he! Sandra Ng joked: "I knew he was 6 years old, his mother is my senior, 6 years old I was holding him a kiss." In this trip to Taihu, Sandra Ng broke the news to Li Ronghao, when listening to the show of curious look, and the great embarrassment of Nicholas Tse, quickly stopped: "well, Li Ronghao! Okay! Don’t say it!" Then he asked Sandra Ng shyly, "is it true?" He had to kiss the past childhood no impression. Sandra Ng then interpreted the pro scene down, to help him recover memories, scared Nicholas Tse quickly turn the topic. Li Ronghao cook won praise in many circles of people say that Li Ronghao was a good cook, he will also show the hidden boudoir "love private kitchens" small show, attracted Nicholas Tse Marvel again and again. Li Ronghao Nicholas Tse can not help but make delicacy more active in Nicholas Tse drool with envy, the former ad hoc "hell pendulum disc test, finally won the Nicholas Tse praised. Li Ronghao revealed that they usually have the habit of Cooking: I try to cook in Beijing, sometimes in the restaurant to eat delicious, will look back to do." (Miao Fei) (commissioning editor: Shimlay)相关的主题文章:

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